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How Medical Transcription Services Will Impact Hospitals Worldwide

By April 8, 2020September 6th, 2021No Comments

While medical transcription is recognized as an effective way to save time, money and resources for practices and healthcare professionals, you’d be surprised to hear that it is not used in medical practices as widely as expected. In an effort to realize greater cost-savings and efficiency gains however, hospitals stand to benefit significantly from a wider usage of medical transcription services. 

The process of dictating through voice, and then having trained medical transcriptionists quickly turn audio into text format, allows those operating in the medical field to have text-based documentation of their daily practice. This allows professionals to focus on delivering critical health services, while having access to accurate documentation.

Medical transcription is ideal for many everyday use-cases, including improving the accuracy and efficiency of:

  • Operative Reports
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Medical History & Physicals
  • Biomedical Science Drafts & Theses
  • Medical Research Interviews
  • Consultation & Administrative Letters

Get Rapid and Accurate Recall of Critical Facts

Medical transcription is a highly-skilled task that requires significant experience and technical expertise. Managing transcriptions in-house or in-practice, can lead to less stringent quality control and accuracy on the part of healthcare professionals. At TranscribeMe, our medical transcriptionists are fully vetted and highly-trained to ensure fast and accurate work. Further, with the experience that our experts bring to the table, you can expect that they are well-versed in terminology specific to the medical field, which is reflected in the high-quality of medical transcriptions produced.

When you enlist the help of a medical transcription service to turn dictation into accurate text, as a digital resource it becomes easily searchable so that any healthcare experts on the scene can quickly search for, and locate, important patient information, medical histories, reports, and other notes. Additionally, with exact timestamps and custom formatting, it becomes infinitely more streamlined to recall critical facts.

Centralize Access to Information

By changing the way that patient information is recorded, from paper to digital, the centralization of this information becomes possible. Centralized information means that accurate medical transcripts can be easily shared and distributed between doctors within and outside of one single hospital. After being transcribed, patient reports and medical histories can be safely stored in a hospital or medical practice’s database for fast retrieval anytime by healthcare personnel. They serve as a text-based way to search, view, edit or print reports digitally.

Digital medical transcripts also bolster the accessibility of this information to patients and those who might need to refer to it. After all, not every patient, family member of the patient, or fellow medical professional will necessarily be able to hear and understand key notes. As a result, in order to improve the level of accessibility of information, those working in healthcare can take advantage of medical transcription to better address ambiguities, as well as ensure that the level of accessibility for those with disabilities is appropriate.

Better Utilize Hospital Resources

Nurses, hospital administrators and other medical professionals’ time is best spent helping patients and ensuring that the day-to-day needs of the hospital are being met. Overworked medical professionals, particularly when a busy season hits, stand to benefit greatly from medical transcripts that can help support their daily tasks of completing reports or charts. Additionally, as medical transcription is a highly-specialized task, it is best to leave this work to transcription experts while medical professionals perform their daily, invaluable work. Thanks to audio dictation through mobile transcription apps, recording medical notes, reports and other information has never been easier!

Our app is easy to use: as a physician, nurse or any healthcare worker for that matter, all that is required is a simple voice note recording with our mobile app. From there, the next patient can be seen or the next task of the day completed. It really is that simple! Medical professionals can submit their dictation via our mobile app or desktop User Portal, and our trained medical transcription experts will finish the rest.

Get more information about our dedicated medical transcription services — reach out to a representative today!