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Field Work & Focus Groups: Transcription for All Your Research

By June 15, 2017April 26th, 2023No Comments

research transcription

Any industry or specialty dealing with field work and first-hand research can tell you the sheer volume of recorded audio is on hand at any given time, just waiting to be sifted through and analyzed. Dealing with hundreds of hours of audio files can be overwhelming – even impossible – for a solo researcher or team.

Many professionals specializing in field work and research have turned to the help of research transcription to convert recorded interviews into easy-to-digest, searchable, and shareable text, in order to do more with their findings. Research transcription is perfect for:

  • In-Depth Interview Transcription
  • Multi-Speaker Interviews
  • Recordings of Focus Groups
  • IVR Open-Ended Responses
  • Research Document Translation
  • Audio & Video e-Discovery

With the accurate text of every recorded idea, meeting, interview, or focus group, researchers are able to more quickly analyze findings, gather insights, and produce incredible results.

Fully Analysis-Ready Research

Our transcriptions for research come fully prepared for any research initiative, and our services integrate directly with the power of NVivo. NVivo runs automated analytics and statistical models in SPSS, so researchers in any industry can accurately analyze specific keywords. With the integration as its inclusive transcription partner, it’s simple to transcribe recorded field research and audio interviews in the correct format, and then seamlessly analyze findings.

Confidential Research Interview Transcription

In many research scenarios, confidentiality and the security of the data at hand are of paramount concern. Our unique micro-tasking transcription workflow carefully segments your recorded audio into encrypted sections that ensure the highest confidentiality. These security measures, coupled with expert transcriptionists that wield Non-Disclosure Agreements make our transcription services some of the most sought after in research fields.

Hybrid Transcription for Highest Accuracy

Speaking of our expert transcriptionists – our entire system for transcription pairs trained human transcribers with our advanced speech recognition technology, allowing +99% accuracy of all your painstaking transcribed research for every project. With accurate text from your field work and recorded research, you’ll get the most accurate results from the analysis that follows.

Transcription App: Record & Transcribe Anywhere

Being prepared to collect important data, capture statements and record interviews without a moment’s notice is often a key component to quality research. With a powerful transcription app on hand on your mobile phone, it’s far faster for researchers to get the information needed right as it’s happening. Our transcription app is free to download, quick to set up, and links directly to your online account so you can capture and order transcripts with just a few taps.

Affordable Transcription Services

Research projects and field work can consume a lot of time and money, and no two projects require the same resources. Luckily, for those who need research transcription services without all of the standard bells and whistles, we offer a more affordable transcription solution. Our low-cost research transcription services provide you with the most budget-friendly transcriptions anywhere, starting at $0.79/minute.

TIP! You can also get discounts on bulk orders, for when you’re fully stacked with recorded research. 

Find out how our transcription solutions for research can help you save time, energy and money! Get started with a free quotecreate an account, or speak with a helpful representative on our live chat!