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Closed Captioning: Just Why Are Video Transcriptions So Important?

By July 11, 2017November 23rd, 2021No Comments

Businesses today should always set out with the goal to maximize traffic to their content, whilst broadening their reader base and keeping them happy. Traffic becomes more and more intense as the years pass and readers have a stricter, more rational idea of what they want to know.

That’s why closed captioning your content with video transcription allows eliminates tougher disadvantages and becomes more captivating when you post something. A broader understanding of how this can help you will benefit your workflow and the ways you wish to put ideas to market.

What is Closed Captioning for Videos?

video transcription service involves listening and writing your content into a script which can be used across presentations, podcasts, interviews, radio, movies and videos alike. This can be done with MP3 files by adding time codes, subtitles, captions and time stamping. Voila!

Businesses, contact centers, students, medical, translations, education and research centers all use them, but why? In the course of low-cost digital usage, the reach of web content has become somewhat more tackling when attempting to target your preferred quantity of users. Using transcription services can benefit this in many ways, so search engines can put your content closer to the top – here’s how.

Benefits of Video Transcription for Closed Captioning

1. Search Engine Optimization

Studies of increasing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with transcriptions found that YouTube videos with captions had 13.48% more views in the first two weeks of testing and 7.32% over the lifetime. First impressions are everything. You can see below, that the spectrum of growth was considerably higher at the beginning, and continued at a valuable length over the course of the month.

closed captioning videos

Source: 3playmedia

PLYmedia trailed a similar study and found that users spent watching the video, almost 40% higher.

closed captioning videos

Source: SubPLY

As SEO can’t watch videos, transcriptions there forth provide deeper and broader content and makes it more searchable – so better rankings! The proof is in the chart.

2. Anyone Can Watch

This feature has allowed videos to become way more interactive, for researchers, students or the hearing impaired. In the US alone, 48 million have some sort of hearing loss, having an impact on understanding day-to-day content.

An interactive transcript encourages active engagement, with the accompanying text as it plays, making it easy for the viewer to read along, jump or skip, and improve the accuracy of understanding. Using added captions under the Americans with Disabilities Act or Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, means you’ll actually be abiding The Law as well – learn more.

3. Access and Convenience

As humans, we love accessibility and convenience. It’s also a helpful compliment to ensure your users do not miss any important details along the way, with pausing, it ensures no information has to be rewound. Captions also improve compensation, rather than downloading or risking not having headphones by your side, transcription services can be used in libraries, public places or workspaces.

4. Translations for Greater Reach

Transcription services are your route into foreign language usage. 60% of views come from non-English speaking countries, so the ease of these users are becoming more and more in demand. If you’re reaching out to a global market, there’s no reason to not be using captions.

5. Post-Production Time Saving 

These things take the time to do it yourself, without the right facilities. The time it takes can depend on several factors; for example, the speed at which people are talking, the number of people talking, clarity of voices and audio file. If you outsource services, all these factors fly out the window.

5. Improving Pure Impact

Research results aren’t there to tamper with. Having studied the benefits of transcription services, there are absolutely no negative impacts when using captions across many platforms of content. Boosting traffic with transcriptions, without a doubt, increases your return on investment – through views, engagement and search traffic. And think, they also help others along their way of University, life or research projects.

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