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Break Out a Recorder! Here Are the 3 Best Reasons to Start Transcribing Meetings

By April 19, 2017September 4th, 2021No Comments

transcribing meetings

Transcribing meetings used to mean that an intern or secretary would hastily write down every detail possible during an important gathering; real-time, as it happened. Effective meeting minutes should always summarize main ideas, and key point and takeaways, but you can’t always rely on a single persons’ notes to accurately capture everything.

Utilizing the helpful services of a transcription provider can offer businesses with an accurate account of every meeting that happens, without taking the necessary time to write it all down, word-for-word. Just set down an audio recorder to capture your next big meeting and let a team of transcription experts deliver the perfected text! Here are just a few (of many) reasons why you should…

Let Your Talking Do the Talking

Too often are we busy trying to document the meeting at hand, rather than simply freeing ourselves to participate. When real discussion and idea generation happens at the conference room table, the best ideas and most productive sessions rise up. Setting up an audio recorder, like the one in our transcription app, in an optimal space to capture every voice in the room is the best way to get all of the details without wasting any time or creativity on typing. After submitting the audio file of your meeting to be transcribed, you’ll receive a text file in the timeframe selected.

Pro Tip! Serve meeting refreshments before starting, and try to be mindful of noises that can create unwanted background sounds.

Get a Clear Account of the Big Picture

When you’re simultaneously trying to write down every main point and key detail, you’re bound to miss a few. By recording the audio of your meeting sessions, or even saving meetings on video, you’ll have immediate access to the complete picture. Additionally, 65% of the population are visual learners who use words and visual media to learn information. Transcribing these meeting recordings and pairing the meeting transcript with the audio or video file is a perfect way to get the clearest account of every critical gathering of the minds.

Pro Tip! Meetings can be more productive – and recordings for transcription are picked up better – when one person at a time speaks clearly. 

Create Searchable, Easy-to-Share Text

Being able to pull up, reference and share information at lightning speed is like a super power. Transcribing meetings allows businesses to provide better accessibility for all employees (including those with hearing problems), as well as an accurate, digital index of meetings that can be easily searched for specific topics. Quickly share and distribute with everyone in the meeting and those who may have missed it, to skim over the details. Plus, businesses can transcribe any past recordings to build a complete database of information.

Pro Tip! Trim up your audio files before submitting them for transcription to remove any dead space or unnecessary discussions, saving more money

Get the TranscribeMe app now, or visit our website to get a quote for your next project, and learn how transcription can benefit you!