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The True Power of Speech Transcription: How to Transcribe Speech to Text

By April 13, 2017September 4th, 2021No Comments

speech transcription

Public speaking and transcription are a match made in time-saving heaven. Using accurate speech transcription to transform recorded audio or video into perfect text is the perfect way to get word-for-word accounts of:

  • Political speeches
  • Graduation speeches
  • Conference speeches
  • Academic speeches
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Multi-speaker events

Why Use Speech Transcription?

While anyone can pick up a laptop, or pad of paper and a pen, to jot down as many details and talking points as possible, there are short and long-term drawbacks to doing it all yourself. Beyond the general time and energy-draining effort, typing and writing consistently can harm your body psychically, resulting in repetitive stress injuries or other annoyances.

The benefits of using speech transcription to convert voice to text are hard to ignore. Increased mobility, improved information accuracy, enhanced focus, and overall more consistent mental energy are just a few of the many ways that transcription services can have a lasting effect.

Have a speech coming up? 

Armed with a mobile transcription app (or any other audio recorder), you can quickly and easily record what you want to say in your speech and then transcribe the text to review and reference at any time during preparation. Transcription has an incredible effect on improving retention of information, so you’ll be better off on the big day.

Have a recorded speech on-hand? 

If it’s available online, it’s available to be transcribed. Speeches can be recorded online or on your own, using audio recording software for your mobile phone or desktop computer, so you can capture any kind of speech; in history or today. Once recorded, upload the file and have it transcribed to quickly reference any information with the most accurate recall and detail.

Bonus! Upload speeches from YouTube directly into our platform to avoid any uneccessary steps in your speech transcription.

How to Use Speech Transcription


We make ordering speech transcription super easy and hassle-free! With an online Customer Portal and on-the-go app, you’ll always have access to fast transcriptions.

1. Log in to your account. You’ll see the main homepage that allows you to upload audio/video content. You can also organize your content into folders, and download completed transcripts in a range of formats.

2. Upload your file by clicking the “Select files from my computer” button and choosing the file you wish to submit; you’ll see a real-time upload status to see where your file is during the process.

3. Once the file is uploaded, order your transcript by clicking “Transcribe.” This will take you to the Order Details page, showing you the total price and details that can be edited.

4. After verifying payment and other details, and confirming your order, you’ll receive your finished transcripts within the time specified.

Helpful Tips: 

We provide industry-leading speech transcription services, as well as speech recognition technology, for any needs or requirements.

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