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5 Big Transcription Benefits You’re Not Taking Advantage Of

By April 3, 2017September 4th, 2021No Comments

General transcription is a useful time and money-saving tool for businesses, researchers, students, legal offices, and many other types of organizations. With advancements in speech technology and the expertise of transcription specialists, anyone can streamline administrative tasks, stay on track with goals and projects, and save valuable time.

By taking advantage of our general transcription services for recorded audio and video files, customers experience an array of helpful benefits that save valuable resources and improve your productivity in the long-run.

1. Improve Project Turnaround Time

When you hand-transcribe an interview, business meeting, or other recorded event, you’re wasting dozens of hours that could otherwise be spent performing more critical tasks. Using the help of general transcription, you’ll effectively shorten the cycle between recording audio or video and getting the transcribed text to complete your project or task, and can put your time (and your employees’ time) to much better use.

2. Only Pay for What You Need

Transcription needs often fluctuate from quarter to quarter, so there’s no need to enlist the costly services of a full-time, in-house transcriber, even when you have bulk order requirements or need to process a full transcript ASAP. Our general transcription makes it easy to submit files to be transcribed only when you need them, at any volume, and without any long-term obligation. Additionally, we offer low-cost transcription to save you even more money.

3. Get More From Customer-Facing Content

Video content is hugely popular, and only becoming more so; if your business isn’t already producing and sharing branded videos online, you should get started. Using general transcription services to get fast, affordable video transcripts, you’ll be able to improve the overall impact of your SEO efforts, get more website traffic, increase accessibility to those with disabilities, and boost engagement with your entire customer base.

4. Help Employees Re-Focus

Startups and small businesses, in particular, can have strains and limits on their resources enough as it is – creative power is one thing they need a lot of. By cutting out the time it normally takes to have something transcribed by hand, you can allow employees to shift their focus to more productive activities, and lean into core tasks and overall company goals. In other words, taking away a tedious task allows them to use their time for more creative thinking, and will create a much happier employee environment in the long run.

5. Access Specialist Expertise

Some industries and specific fields of work require very specific experience to go along with any general transcription. When you hire in-house or use a freelancer, you’re risking the potential that the transcriber has little to no real experience with your line of work. Our expert transcriptionists are skilled in a number of areas, including medical transcribers, legal transcribers, and research transcribers, who actually understand the lingo and jargon used and can translate it into a perfect transcript.

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