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academic transcription services

Key assignments, group projects, exams and a lot of research are all a big part of being a university or graduate student. There are seemingly an infinite number of things to take care of, learn, retain and analyze on a daily basis. In a sea of responsibility and time-consuming work leading up to a respected degree, academic transcription services are something that can alleviate a lot of stress and concern over time and money.

Truly understanding new information is key to performing well as a grad student, and educators must constantly be at the top of their knowledge game to stay fresh. Academic transcription can help both students and professors to learn and teach in a more intelligent way.

Top Uses for Academic Transcription

Teachers and professors can use academic transcription services to generate secure, accurate, and affordable text from audio/video recordings of key events, such as:

  • Multi-speaker meetings
  • Focus groups and interviews
  • Lectures and presentations
  • Lesson plans and seminars
  • Dictation by professors
  • Ideas for theses & dissertations
  • And much more…

With 98%+ accuracy guaranteed on standard transcription (and discounts awarded to bulk or recurring orders), students are able to free themselves of the worry of capturing every lesson word-for-word, and aids in the amount of research and analysis involved in earning a degree.

Low-Cost Transcription for Students

Our low-cost transcription services for students and academic research purposes are the most budget-friendly anywhere. With voice to text transcripts at $0.79 per audio minute, it’s the perfect way to transcribe audio into text quickly and affordably.

Affordable academic transcription is perfect for those on all ends of the education system who need to record and transcribe meetings, lectures, focus groups, notes and more. Our solution is built on a streamlined, one-step transcription process that delivers easy-to-read text faster than other academic transcription services. With accuracy averaging 90-95%, First Draft is great for transcripts that don’t need to be completely edited to perfection.

NVivo-Compatible Transcription

Most majors and graduate problems require in-depth research for a thesis or dissertation; and, all research requires a lot of analysis and true understanding. Using academic transcription services for recorded research in the field, key focus groups, interviews, and all of the meetings that come about is the ideal way to analyze data.

NVivo is built to run automated analytics and statistical models in SPSS, so researchers can analyze for specific keywords easily. Our NVivo integration makes it fast and incredibly simple to transcribe recordings, then quickly and securely analyze all of the text. After creating a research project in NVivo and linking your account to TranscribeMe, you’ll be able to order transcripts directly and even upload finished transcripts for immediate analysis.

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Any questions? We’re always here to help and even offer discounts on high volume (bulk) or recurring transcription orders.