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The Gold Standard in Audio & Video Transcription

We deliver the most accurate transcriptions at competitive rates due to a combination of the latest in AI, paired with our trained & experienced transcriber network.

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Get the most accurate legal transcripts at any scale. Learn more

Now partnered with

Get the most accurate legal transcripts at any scale. Learn more

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Human-Edited Transcription

Avg 99%+ accuracy, fast and secure from our team of experts.

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AI-Powered Transcription

Fast, affordable, and accurate transcription powered by AI.

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Precise, accurate, and custom translation in most major languages.

Highly Accurate and Secure Transcription for Your Business

Top-Rated Security

Our proprietary task distribution and workforce management platform has been built with the industry’s best information security protocols and processes to ensure that your data is encrypted and securely maintained.

Compliant Workflows

We offer workflows compliant with HIPAA and GDPR protocols, and all of our services can be customized; including geofencing the workforce to specific locations.

Affordable Solutions

The technology and workflows we have built enable us to deliver the highest quality data consistently and at low prices.

Transcription Industry Solutions

The way we think about data is changing; and now, more than ever, industry leaders are counting on reliable, highly accurate transcription and data annotation for their business.

By delivering the Gold Standard in transcription, TranscribeMe is the best partner to meet your industry needs. Our services can be tailored to meet any unique formatting or project requirements you may have.

AI & Machine Learning

We'll accurately annotate your NLP data in order to give you the best training datasets for your AI & ML models


We provide formatted & proofed transcripts for any legal proceeding & e-discovery use case.


We provide HIPAA & GDPR Compliant workflows to ensure your sensitive data is maintained with the best security in mind.


Perfect for transcribing lectures, thesis interviews, research, original notes and more.

Market Research

Transcription that is perfect for all types of qualitative research needs, including focus groups, surveys and in-depth interviews.


Need a vendor for transcription and other language services? We have the ability to scale and support your organization for all of your volume needs.

AI & Machine Learning

Accurate annotated data for NLP use cases


Formatted & proofed for any proceeding


Compliant with HIPAA & GDPR standards


Lectures, thesis interviews, and more

Market Research

Qualitative research expertly transcribed


Customized for your large volume needs

Trusted by 1,000’s of Happy Customers

“TranscribeMe has done a terrific job in helping us meet a tight deadline for a demanding client. They helped us tailor the transcripts to our particular needs, and were always available, helpful and patient.”

Limor Hochberg

“We used TranscribeMe for transcripts and the quality has been great. Turnaround speed is fast and the process to upload files is very simple. Very responsive.”

Bart Langton

“It's been a great experience working with TranscribeMe. Their transcription is the best quality for the cheapest price. They worked with us to create a business rate and the quality was great.”

Angel Cruz
Datu Research

Shaping the Future of Human-Powered Transcription

Combining Technology and Human Expertise

We built our transcription process end-to-end to take advantage of the best of both worlds; a hybrid-model that combines speech recognition technology and human transcriptionists to produce transcripts at outstanding quality and accuracy.

No matter what industry you’re in, we can accommodate transcription, translation, or data annotation – and we are focused on providing the highest quality services at the lowest prices.

TranscribeMe - high quality

Expert Transcriptionists to Ensure the Highest Quality

Our transcriptionists are able to pick up the slack where machines can’t. The highly accurate, quality end-result that a live person can produce is simply unbeatable, and our curated network of experts is specially trained for each unique customer, no matter the scale – our workforce can support even the largest projects.

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