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What Speech Recognition Data Can Tell You About Your Business

Speech recognition is not a brand new technology but has seen vast improvements in accuracy and applications in more recent years. While the big tech-giants, like Apple and Microsoft, have been among the first to add voice recognition features to their products, different big enterprises in other sectors are fast catching on to just how useful speech recognition actually is….

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Expanding Your Audience With Quality Transcription and Translation

The increase in globalization in many industries has pushed for a greater demand for high quality, confidential translation and transcription services for businesses operating internationally. Moreover, traditional European languages like French, German, Spanish and Portuguese are on the incline, with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese growing as well. For many organizations operating worldwide, fast and effective translations are necessary for continued…

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4 Steps to Finding a High-Quality, Secure Transcription Company

In 2019, many businesses in need of transcription services are starting to focus on two main factors: high-quality work and secure services. After all, there are numerous cases across professional industries where being accurate and safe is of utmost importance. Whether you’re in need of transcription services for academic, corporate, legal, medical, or even financial industries, it’s mission-critical to find…

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How to Spend Less Money On Digital Marketing in 2019

A CMO survey confirmed a shift to digital marketing from physical – although business budgets have money being poured into them, by no sign is there an improvement in marketing excellence. As of 2016, results showed a stagnant rating since 2013, where those spending money would grade themselves just over average for excellence. Content marketing is still booming, and there…

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