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What Speech Recognition Data Can Tell You About Your Business

By December 20, 2018September 6th, 2021No Comments

Speech Recognition Data

Speech recognition is not a brand new technology but has seen vast improvements in accuracy and applications in more recent years. While the big tech-giants, like Apple and Microsoft, have been among the first to add voice recognition features to their products, different big enterprises in other sectors are fast catching on to just how useful speech recognition actually is. This is due to a better understanding of the innovative ways that speech recognition can be used in business, namely in providing time-saving and productivity-enhancing benefits which help reduce costs.

These advantages can be taken a step further as the data obtained from using speech recognition technology also provide very valuable insights that can help you boost your business’ performance. What valuable insights are we talking about here, you may ask? Read on to find out what speech recognition data can tell you about your enterprise business…

1. Who Your Customers Actually Are

Never before has any technological advancement been able to provide so much information without the need to ask specific questions as speech recognition has. The data mined from applying this modern technology can provide key insights into the demographic profile of your customers. This includes gender and age estimation, language and dialects, specific topic detection, and even sentiments and emotional cues. In addition, it can go to the length of determining how inclusive your service is to people with disabilities.

2. How Your Customers Are Best Tended To

In assimilating the information on who your customers are, particularly through the understanding of sentiments and other emotional cues, speech recognition data also allows you to gain a better understanding of your customer experience. This gives great insight into what works and what needs improvement when it comes to the interaction between your business representatives or support agents and your customers. These exchanges provide key data on how to create or enhance your customer experience strategy

3. Which Internal Processes Can Be Streamlined (with Clues On How to Do So)

Using the example of call center services, speech recognition data for customer service engagements is the most accurate way to obtain evidence for which protocols work and which don’t. This sheds light on which internal processes can be streamlined as well as provide clues as to how they can be made more efficient. All this information can also be fed back into training protocols to make sure that all relevant employees are operating according to the latest proven best practices.

4. Tips On New Markets with Good Potential

With the ability to detect different languages & dialects as well as accents and speech patterns, data from speech recognition could help pinpoint where your business’s next new markets with good potential are located. This knowledge is key to helping grow your business, both nationally and internationally. It may even provide further insight into the advantages your business enterprise offers in comparison to competitors and, in turn, help market your services more effectively

5. Potential To Integrate Your Services With Other Business Apps And Help Create New Products

Depending on the type of service you provide, analysis of your speech recognition data has the potential to highlight new opportunities to connect your service with other business apps that work with voice command and related voice analytic features as a means to acquire new customers or access a new market.

This can also help pinpoint where opportunities to cross-sell or up-sell other services or products, as appropriate. It can even reveal useful inspiration for the development of new products or services that address specific customer needs detected as recurrent themes. Speech recognition data holds the key to unlocking key findings about your business enterprise as well as the clues to next steps that can help improve and expand your operations.

Metadata generated from TranscribeMe’s speech technology engine is delivered in multiple formats, and can be easily integrated big data analytics platforms, making it easy to analyze and assess key areas of success and improvement. To find out more about how TranscribeMe can help you unlock valuable data, contact our sales team for a better understanding of your business potential. Or you can request a demo at any time to get started if you would like to try it yourself.