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4 Steps to Finding a High-Quality, Secure Transcription Company

By December 13, 2018September 6th, 2021No Comments

Secure Transcription Company

In 2019, many businesses in need of transcription services are starting to focus on two main factors: high-quality work and secure services. After all, there are numerous cases across professional industries where being accurate and safe is of utmost importance. Whether you’re in need of transcription services for academic, corporate, legal, medical, or even financial industries, it’s mission-critical to find the most accurate, quality, secure, and reliable online transcription service provider.

With so many transcription services out there today, it can be difficult to figure out which is the best option for your needs. If security and quality are at the top of your list of priorities, keep reading to see how you can identify the best security transcription company for your business.

Step 1: Ask the transcription company the right questions.

During the beginning phases of evaluating a transcription company to see if they’ll be a good fit, it’s important to be able to ask the right kinds of questions to get the most complete story.

  • Is their transcription platform encrypted?
  • Are the transcriptionists working on the project certified and skilled?
  • How many levels of proofing are possible?
  • Does rush delivery affect the end-result quality?

By getting the right kind of information at the start of things, you’ll be able to assess more accurately and, ultimately, provide you with the most high-quality and secure transcription results possible.

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Step 2: Request references and testimonials from similar companies to your own.

As a prospective buyer of services from a transcription company, you have every right to seek out first-hand accounts from current and past customers. Many providers of transcription services will be more than happy to direct you to any feedback that will help you make your decision! Going one step beyond, take a look online to see if any case studies exist that can give you an inside look at how the process worked out for someone else – there’s nothing wrong with taking a closer look at the complete experience! On our own website, you’ll find case studies in addition to quotes straight from our customers who love the transcription services we provide.

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Step 3: Make sure the transcription process is seamless and secure.

What good is a transcription company if they can’t keep your data completely safe while it’s in their hands? Before committing to using a specific service, you should always consider how that transcription process actually functions. With any security gaps or too much information being given to a single transcriptionist, your audio or video files could be more at risk. Our transcription process is completely unique to the industry — using innovative speech technology and encrypted, micro-tasked project workflows for our expert human transcriptionists, we offer unprecedented confidentiality and security. Take a look here at how it all works:

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Step 4: Request an integrated transcription API.

If security is your main priority, having a direct line to your transcriptions is work looking into. A transcription API enables your company to pass every audio or video file, as well as the final transcripted work, through a 100% secure and encrypted platform. With this route, you’re ensuring that every part of the transcription process is controlled and safe. Our powerful transcription API gives businesses in need of secure transcription direct access to our web service. With this form of access, you can effectively upload media files, order transcriptions in any amount, and receive your transcripts via e-mail to your exact specifications, all without tapping into our main platform.

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Spending some quality time really reviewing a transcription company, asking the right types of questions, and seeking reviews and testimonials from other businesses can help you make the most educated decision. To learn more about high-quality, secure transcription service, take a look at or get in touch with our team of experts directly!