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The Most Affordable Transcription Services for Audio and Video

Affordable transcription services are a huge benefit to businesses and individuals alike. Have a series of interviews or focus groups coming up? Need to transfer your ideas and to-dos from your head to your computer? Being able to tap into a productivity-boosting transcription solution that can help to finish projects and tasks at hand in an efficient, cost-effective way goes…

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3 Value-Driven Ways for Your Business to Use & Repurpose Audio Transcription

Generating the text that truly captures what’s being said in your recordings can be valuable in many more ways than you might think at first. There is a huge, growing list of benefits that tapping into this accurate audio-to-text functionality provides, each better than the last; from making it easier for that picture-perfect recall from meetings an anytime reality, all…

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3 Brilliant Uses for Human-Assisted Machine Learning

Advancements in machine learning have come a long way in recent years, but they haven’t done it alone. Humans are largely responsible for how intelligent AI and machine learning systems have become and will continue to pave the way for more improvements in the future. An increasingly important factor of technology for businesses large and small, an Accenture survey confirms…

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How to Record & Transcribe Business Conferences for Better Recall

Busy professionals can spend exorbitant amounts of time scribbling notes during business conferences, often taking the risk of missing key concepts and important bits of inspiration. The need to adopt new, technological resources for capturing and absorbing the valuable information presented at these events is growing just as quickly as the technology itself. Speech technology and transcription services can benefit business…

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Voice Analytics Data: How It’s Shaping Customer Experience

Voice analytics data is an increasingly valuable asset to organizations in just about every industry. A tool for promoting better business intelligence, it’s a resource that consistently delivers game-changing insights, leading to vast and positive changes. In fact, the voice analytics market is projected to be worth an astounding USD $1.64 billion by the year 2025. As companies in sectors…

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Can Human-Generated Transcriptions Really Be Confidential?

In any industry, data security and the privacy of customers is a mission-critical effort. With such high standards put on the confidentiality of information, transcription is one service that must remain consistent with strict security practices. As with any other important business service in use, confidential transcription services help to keep companies and nonprofits afloat by ensuring that every transcribed…

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