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How to Record & Transcribe Business Conferences for Better Recall

By October 16, 2018November 23rd, 2021No Comments

Busy professionals can spend exorbitant amounts of time scribbling notes during business conferences, often taking the risk of missing key concepts and important bits of inspiration. The need to adopt new, technological resources for capturing and absorbing the valuable information presented at these events is growing just as quickly as the technology itself.

Speech technology and transcription services can benefit business professionals, at any level, by effectively saving time and energy, and making perfect recall a reality. TranscribeMe’s fast, accurate voice-to-text technology is perfect for these corporate use cases.

Premium Quality & Accuracy

Using a hybrid model of speech recognition technology with real professional transcribers, TranscribeMe converts your recorded conference audio files to impeccable text with superior accuracy and security. This combination of advanced voice recognition software and human transcribers delivers the highest quality transcripts at over 98% accuracy.

TranscribeMe’s dynamic quality assurance process includes automated quality checks, extensive peer reviews, weekly spot checks and other support measures to ensure the absolute best transcripts are produced every day.

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Transcription On-the-Go, Anywhere

The TranscribeMe app for iPhone allows you to quickly and easily record conference speakers — and then convert to accurate text. Not only can you capture entire speeches and presentations with the app, you can record all of your ideas and notes in-between without skipping a beat.

The app’s library space also enables you to manage and sort voice recordings and transcripts, and displays the file’s transcription status, making it easy to keep track of every moment.

Fast Turnaround & Unbeatable Prices

It’s common knowledge that busy professionals require a quicker-than-standard turnaround; after all, time is money! TranscribeMe’s unparalleled transcription service will cater to any level of urgency at the most competitive prices. With expertly-transcribed documents turned around quickly, every detail of any conference you attend can be tracked and recorded with ease.

With quick delivery, cost-effective prices, and superior quality anywhere, TranscribeMe’s advanced voice-to-text technology simplifies hectic business conferences and makes it easy to recall important information.


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