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Field Work & Focus Groups: Transcription for All Your Research

Any industry or specialty dealing with field work and first-hand research can tell you the sheer volume of recorded audio is on hand at any given time, just waiting to be sifted through and analyzed. Dealing with hundreds of hours of audio files can be overwhelming – even impossible – for a solo researcher or team. Many professionals specializing in…

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3 Ways Support Managers Are Better with Speech Recognition

Efficient call center managers and support teams are always looking for new ways to make communications simpler in practice, as well as more meaningful. With the volume of customer inquiries, especially for enterprise companies, it’s critical to evaluate new technologies to make support as effective as it can be — both for customers and the company itself. Integrating TranscribeMe’s Speech…

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How to Convert & Save iPhone Voice Memos as Text

The beauty of technology today is that anyone with a smartphone can perform a lot of actions, and get a lot done, using just a few key applications. iPhone Voice Memos is one of those core apps that people around the world use every day to help get things done, remember key details, and a whole lot more. Today, people…

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Get the Full Story: Video Transcription & Translation for Films

In the vast, ever-changing world of video sharing, film production, and documentary creation that we now live in, it’s more important than ever to cater to viewers’ needs. Transcription and translation for video files is one way that content creators and filmmakers can save time and money during the process. Interviewing for reality television? Speaking to industry experts? Filming educational…

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