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Get the Full Story: Video Transcription & Translation for Films

By June 5, 2017September 4th, 2021No Comments

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In the vast, ever-changing world of video sharing, film production, and documentary creation that we now live in, it’s more important than ever to cater to viewers’ needs. Transcription and translation for video files is one way that content creators and filmmakers can save time and money during the process.

Interviewing for reality television? Speaking to industry experts? Filming educational or promotional videos? Transcribing video and translating the closed captions aids video makers in all areas of expertise, like:

  • Documentary interviews
  • Film clips and full-length films
  • Online video content
  • Training and corporate videos
  • YouTube videos

As an internationally known and renowned organization with deep roots in documentary filmmaking, National Geographic has all sorts of video content on-hand at any given time. With piles of scripts and video footage inhabiting their online environment at all times, the organization is in constant need of fast, accurate video translation. When National Geographic has a tight deadline, they know that they can count on our transcription and translation experts to perfect every last word.

Why Transcribe Videos & Documentary Films?

Whether your video is for your own personal audience or being produced for a distributor, there are a ton of reasons to have your video content transcribed and translated:

1. Promotes wider reach and accessibility.

In the absence of fully-translated video content (which is costly and time-consuming), transcribing and translating the subtitles can act as a perfect interpreter for those speaking different languages. Additionally, viewers who are either deaf or hard of hearing can benefit from having accurate closed captions that they can read from and follow along with as the video is playing.

2. Aids more clear and concise recall.

Transforming voice from a video into actual text allows you to reap the benefits of having ALL of the original information well within reach. With a full video transcript, every bit of fieldwork or key interview quote will always have the full context in which it was provided, so you don’t have to worry about the fuss of pulling sound bites and piecing them with the right part of the video or film.

3. Provides easier fact-checking (and re-checking).

Hand-in-hand with aiding in more simple recall of information, transcribing and translating a video or film makes it miles easier to check the accuracy of every statement made. With every piece of information available digitally, fact-checkers can read through the “script” and triple-check every part of the narration, interviews and conclusions for total accuracy.

4. Makes content more available to consume. 

85% of video watchers on Facebook choose to watch without any audio, so adding closed captions to your videos, people (and potential customers!) can watch your video content anywhere, even in situations where audio isn’t ideal, like standing on a busy street or commuting on the train. Wherever sound is obscured, closed captions are able to share the speech that is happening.

Full-Service Transcription & Translation

TranscribeMe provides businesses, filmmakers and even amateur video producers with a completely holistic approach to video transcription and translation, making it easier for organizations like National Geographic to finish documentaries and videos quickly and affordably.

With our simple-and-straightforward platform for submitting video files, along with a dedicated team utilizing customized workflows for each project, TranscribeMe is able to provide:

  • Accurate transcription and translation of rich audio and video content
  • Specialized formatting, including timestamps and speaker identification
  • In-depth customer care and communication, as well as project management
  • Easy upload from sources like Dropbox, YouTube and Evernote
  • Rush service (with turnaround in a day or less if needed)

Have a film, documentary, or other video project in progress? Get in touch for a FREE transcription and translation quote

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