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7 Must Have Qualities to Be a Superstar Market Researcher

It’s an exciting time for the Market Research industry. With the advent of new technologies powered by the smartphone and digital revolutions, there are more opportunities and tools available than researchers can utilize.

The pace of innovation is at its peek and its easy to ride the wave and forget the basics. No matter how great the technology is, YOU – the researcher – are still the driver of it. So, lets get back to basics and go through the must have characteristics you need to possess to be an excellent Market Researcher!

Field Work & Focus Groups: Transcription for All Your Research

Any industry or specialty dealing with field work and first-hand research can tell you the sheer volume of recorded audio is on hand at any given time, just waiting to be sifted through and analyzed. Dealing with hundreds of hours of audio files can be overwhelming – even impossible – for a solo researcher or team. Many professionals specializing in…

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50 Books Every Market Researcher Should Read

With the explosion of user-generated content, we — as a society – create more content in a day than people did in a year a decade ago. Don’t get me wrong — a lot of the content produced these days is quite useful, well written and adds value to business. But, a lot of it is also written targeting the Google Bots and not the human beings! That’s a topic for another day. What I want to address today is that we should be careful about that although it’s good to ride the wave, it is critical to go back to fundamentals once in a while. And for getting back to fundamentals, we REALLY got to go back to the source or the foundations of the Market Research and its related industries. That’s right, we went wide and deep to pick the top 50 books we think every market researcher should read separated by category. Lets get into it.