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How to Effortlessly Gather Important Customer Metadata

  Descriptive metadata that helps you to discover, identify and describe your customers is necessary to building a successful business. When collected efficiently and accurately, this customer metadata can help you to analyze your current customer base, truly understand their feelings about your product or service, and help gauge the effectiveness of your overall message. Why Look at Customer Metadata? Capturing…

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Hybrid Tech for Enterprise: Speech Technology & Transcriptionists

Large businesses and commercial enterprise companies worldwide can benefit largely from speech recognition technologies. In the past several years, both the quality and accuracy of voice technology has become more widely adopted as forward-thinking companies, and their call centers, see its value in helping drive intelligent business decisions. TranscribeMe provides industry-leading Enterprise Speech Recognition (ESR) and data mining technology solutions….

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Voice Technology: What is Enterprise Speech Recognition?

In the ever-changing, ever-growing landscape of voice technology, more and more powerful uses are being uncovered. Today’s enterprise companies can benefit from specialized, robust speech recognition technology to vastly improve business performance and agent effectiveness. TranscribeMe is the industry leader in Enterprise Speech Recognition and data-mining technology solutions that deliver actionable insights. With incredibly accurate speech-to-text, intelligent keyword spotting and collection of…

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