How to Effortlessly Gather Important Customer Metadata

Descriptive metadata that helps you to discover, identify and describe your customers is necessary to building a successful business. When collected efficiently and accurately, this customer metadata can help you to analyze your current customer base, truly understand their feelings about your product or service, and help gauge the effectiveness of your overall message.

Why Look at Customer Metadata?

Capturing customer information and other key demographics through the use of intelligent speech recognition technology allows companies with call-in support and contact centers to have a more complete understanding of the people that they serve.

Armed with this in-depth knowledge, organizations can:

  • Implement more informed business decisions.
  • Develop better long-term customer relationships.
  • Optimize current product and service offerings.
  • Enhance sales and marketing communications.
  • Authenticate and verify callers, and even mitigate risk.

Collecting Customer Information

Our advanced speech recognition technology data-mines your recorded audio and customer voice metadata for theme, overall sentiment, emotion and even full demographic analysis to give you a complete picture of your customer, and how they feel about your business, product or service.

This industry-leading technology is capable of identifying and capturing an evolving list of classifiers, including:

  • Gender
  • Age estimation
  • Language and dialect
  • Speaker accents
  • Speech patterns
  • Topic detection
  • Sentiment and emotion
  • Silence

All of these customer metadata classifiers can be integrated into any data analytics platform or 3rd party service, and can significantly improve the view of your customer engagements. With the use of intelligent speech recognition technology to collect and then analyze customer metadata, you’ll effectively save time, energy and other valuable resources by understanding your business on a more holistic level.

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