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How to Get the Access to YouTube Transcription

By May 8, 2019September 4th, 2021No Comments

Want to transcribe a YouTube video? Some online tools exist, but won’t give you nearly as accurate results as good old-fashioned video transcription! YouTube transcription is always the first step in creating a perfectly-captioned video or generating voice-to-text of a recording.

What’s more, transcription adds real value to your video content by making it easily searchable online. This helps reach a wider and more diverse (as well as inclusive!) audience, keeping you at the forefront of video marketing trends.

Get YouTube transcription videos for personal reference, or add the transcripts to your YouTube video descriptions for greater reach, visibility, and accessibility. It’s a great learning tool for students, researchers, professors and business professionals,  who can read the text and search for keywords with ease — all it takes is a few simple steps!

After signing up or logging in to your TranscribeMe account, just follow these instructions to order affordable, accurate YouTube transcriptions online:

1. Paste your link into the open field labeled “Do you have online media?” and click Upload. Your file will initially appear with the status “File Queued for Upload.”

Please Note: As a general rule, your link needs to be public in order to go through our system. If your link requires a password or any kind of login, it will experience an error during the upload process.

2. After a few minutes, refresh the page and the status should read “Ready for Transcription.”

Click the Transcribe icon next to your file. Please consult our Customer Portal Walkthrough from Step 6 onward if you have any questions about completing your order.

3. Next, on the Order Details page, you’ll see the total price along with options to change any details you might want.

If you have a promo code, you can apply it to your order by following these instructions. When you’re satisfied with your option selections, press “Continue” to proceed to the Payment Details page.

4. Once your YouTube transcript is finished, it’s ready to be downloaded! Just select the Download button to the right of your file name.

Ready to get started? Sign up or log in to your account.

Have any questions? Please reach out to us!

This article was originally published on March 5, 2018.