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Transcription Security Imperative

By February 20, 2012September 4th, 2021No Comments


Clients say that security of transcription, retention of content integrity and confidentiality are imperative aspects of a transcription service. Anonymous, the internet hacking stalwart group, famous for hacking the FBI and others, has advised they will bring down the entire internet, all 13 DNS servers run by the American government, on March 31 this year.

These bring the issue of content security to the fore in every aspect of the internet including transcription services providers. TranscribeMe clients have identified a number of areas in which they believe security is crucial. They’re concerns are not different from those voiced across all industries;

  • they want to know that confidential information cannot be leaked or inappropriately stored or shared
  • they want to know that transcribers are not privy to classified or confidential information without proper clearance, and
  • they want to know that the voice and text data stored on their behalf is secure

These are tall orders and yet they are reasonable expectations by and from professionals who are entrusted with data. So what happens when a group like Anonymous says they will shut things down, what does this mean for all of us in terms of data security? Well, Anonymous says they intend to leave us regular folk out of the fray and that is good but what of other groups not so amenable to the common person – is there risk?

The good news is not really for all of these concerns. Cloud storage is a terrific boon to online security because cloud service providers generally retain robust backup services and so do companies, like TranscribeMe, that store data on behalf of clients. That means there are usually backups of backups in multiple locations.

In addition, even if groups do take down the internet they are only taking it down in a very superficial way, so that although we may not be able to visit sites or perform searches for a time, our data remains intact and un-breached.

Transcription security must be a paramount consideration of any transcription service provider. Responsible transcription services ensure voice and transcribed data are retained in the most secure, trusted and reputable cloud services. They guarantee transcriber security with appropriate checks and balances and they send out voice data in such a way that transcribers are protected from hearing or obtaining too much knowledge of any single source of voice data.

In this way, companies like TranscribeMe secure the precious data of their clients without compromise and even through challenging times and circumstances.