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Multi-Language Transcription to Reach Qualified Global Markets

By March 4, 2019September 4th, 2021No Comments

multi-language transcription

Thanks to advancements in technology, transcription has moved far beyond the simple task of converting speech into text by manual means. In more recent years, it’s the cross-linking of the field with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has amplified the functionality of the age-old service. Nowadays, audio transcription embedded in technology is used to carry out a wide variety of more complex tasks, from automatic video subtitling to meeting minutes note-taking software. Yet there is a growing need for multi-language services – particularly for business – as the potential for international growth is exponential in today’s globalized world.

If you’ve ever wondered how transcription services in different languages can help reach more markets of interest worldwide, read on:

1. It helps reach a wider audience

The goal of any successful business is to take things to the next level and this often involves breaking into the global market in search of new customers. To help overcome any language barriers that can come up, transcription in multiple languages is the gateway to reaching a wider audience in the search for your target users.

2. It increases inclusivity

Let’s use the example of a translated transcription for video subtitling. This simple-yet-effective feature not only helps reach an audience located in a different country, but also means that those with a hearing impairment can also follow the visual content. In addition, the translated transcripts may then be used for video voice-over translations to aid any part of your audience that may be visually-impaired.

3. It’s in with the ‘sound-off’ trend

While people are spending more time on their phones, they’re not always in an environment where sound can be played aloud. Often, they may already be listening to music while sifting through their feed when they come across an interesting video. Should there be captions available, many would opt for watching the video with the sound off. In fact, 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, hence the rise in popularity of short videos with text narrations. So, it’s not just about inclusivity but also happens to follow current user behavior trends.

4. It’s the key to unlocking new country markets

Making a good first impression is important everywhere, but in some parts of the world, it can be a serious deal breaker for business. If you’re looking to venture out into new international territory, it’s important to do your homework first and make sure any translations are appropriate for the local context. Crashing and burning at first launch after all the time and money that is invested into international expansion isn’t good for business, both internally and externally.

5. It boosts SEO

This is most definitely the case for video content with subtitles because search engines like Google cannot watch video content. Instead, it will crawl the associated text ranking it according to parameters such as keywords, which is strengthened by the presence of subtitles. It is this context that gets indexed by search engines and shows up in search results. Moreover, this visual medium is currently the most used and is projected to keep rising according to user preference.

6. It can tell you more about customer demographics

Voice-to-text can help identify unexplored markets with good potential based on the analysis of speech data being able to pick up on user demographics. This includes language and dialect identification which can provide highly valuable insight when trying to figure out which new markets would have the most potential when strategizing about business expansion.

7. It can help dismantle any language barriers with international clients

When you’ve gotten a lead for customers in a foreign company, the next step is to pass the presentation phase in the hopes of making it to negotiation rounds on the way to striking a final deal. It’s at this point that language barriers can really get in the way of closing business deals. Transcription translations services can help smooth out any bumps on the way by ensuring that both parties fully understand the exchange in their native languages before signing any agreement.

The future is out there, so before planning your expansion into other global markets, it’s important to consider how multi-language transcription services can help in your quest to reach the right market for your business.

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