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How Marketing Teams Can Save Money with Bulk Digital File Transcription

By July 25, 2019September 4th, 2021No Comments

Transcription for Marketing

In the fast-paced world of marketing, time is money. As such, the pressure to be as efficient as possible to keep up with user trends runs high. Digital marketing, whilst having cracked the door of communication potential wide open, is hard work in an ever-changing environment. 

With this revolutionary change in the way businesses and customers interact, we now also have access to automated data collection and smart analytics. This provides marketing teams everywhere with valuable insight into customer behavior like never before.

Marketing teams looking to stay ahead of the game are always on the lookout for techniques that can help boost productivity both on and offline. Transcription is one of the most simple, yet powerful tools that any marketing department can incorporate into their everyday toolkit. Here are the main reasons why:

  1. Capture Every Spoken Detail During Research

Market research is at the heart of every marketer’s job. Be it focus groups, one-on-one interviews, over-the-phone inquiries, or in-store surveys – all these methods seek to explain the quantitative data collected in respect to a specific product or service. The findings from this kind of qualitative study are what steers the decision-making process for a business. Hence, it is incredibly important to record and store this information properly.

Online and mobile transcription tools can easily capture the speech data and transform it into text in the format of a digital transcript, even where multiple speakers are involved. AI-fueled progress in the transcription service industry offers the quickest, most accurate and cost-effective solution to any company’s transcription needs. 


The benefits don’t stop there. Once you have a digital transcript of any recording, all that information becomes completely searchable. This way, whenever your marketing team needs to dig up a citation or look up any other information of interest, all they have to do is search the document by word or phrase. The time and resources saved using a reliable transcription service like TranscribeMe will make you wonder how you survived without it.


  1. Easily Generate In Demand Subtitles 

According to recent studies, the days where subtitles were only for the hard of hearing or simply to overcome language barriers are officially behind us. Nowadays, videos are the preferred type of online content, and with 85% of Facebook videos being watched without sound, captioning them is a must. 


Not only can you improve access to your content by making it more inclusive to a more diverse audience, but subtitled video content also helps boost SEO and site traffic. Besides, video content is a much more engaging medium that can easily be watched anytime, anyplace from the comfort of a smartphone screen.


Transcription is the fastest pathway to converting speech to text today, thanks to the application of advanced speech recognition algorithms working to support highly-trained transcriptionists. Generating subtitles is just one of the many functional and money-saving applications of this service.


  1. Boost Your Team’s Overall Efforts

A large workload can be too much to handle if a team is not equipped with the right tools to manage it. Good management comes down to how well-supported a team feels. Different departments will have different needs, but all of them can benefit from the efficiency-boosting nature of transcription.


In the case of marketing teams, having a transcription service ready to take on any volume of file upload with a few simple clicks is indispensable. Through automating the outsourcing of this time-consuming activity, the team can dedicate itself to focus on more important and complex tasks. What’s more, audio files can be uploaded to our platform from anywhere, even when in the field or working remotely.


Why Choose TranscribeMe For Your Team’s Transcription Needs?

Our global tribe of over one million talented transcriptionists is our biggest asset that allows us to offer highly accurate voice to text transcription with an incredibly fast turnaround. We cater to all types of companies and specifications, including speaker identification, time-stamping, data redaction, bilingual audio, NVIVO compatibility, and text translation.


If your marketing team deals with a high volume of audio and video files, you’ll want to put our best-in-class transcription services to work ASAP. Contact our sales team today to request a demo of TranscribeMe’s leading transcription services!