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In the Press: TranscribeMe Announces Record-Breaking 2015 Year

By January 8, 2016September 4th, 2021No Comments

Untitled design-9Last year was truly one for the books – we couldn’t be more proud of our team, our growth and expansion, and the technological leaps and bounds taken last year! Thank you to every one of our amazing customers, transcribers and hard-working team members who made 2015 so productive and memorable.

View the official press release below, via PRWeb.

TranscribeMe Announces Record-Breaking 2015

Release of High Accuracy Speech Recognition Technology and recruiting a workforce of 150,000 transcribers among the year’s highlights


TranscribeMe, the global leader in intelligent and accurate voice-to-text transcription technology, today announced an impressive year in 2015, featuring major advances to its speech recognition technology, a dramatic increase to the size of its workforce, more than doubling revenue year over year and inclusion in the coveted Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific. Founded in 2011 TranscribeMe has revolutionized the ages old transcription space by combining skilled transcriptionists with its proprietary voice-to-text technology to provide a service that not only delivers a highly accurate product, but is also efficient and extremely scalable.

“We are proud of our successes in growth and expansion this past year, which are paramount to maintaining our status as a market leader,” said TranscribeMe Co-Founder and CEO, Alexei Dunayev. “The transcription space has long needed to evolve to keep up with the demands of modern technology, and we look forward to the future of our advanced High-Accuracy Speech Recognition Technology.”

A Commitment to Expansion: Following the success of several key projects, TranscribeMe experienced considerable growth both in terms of revenue and the size of its overall customer base. In addition to doubling monthly revenues, TranscribeMe also earned several key clients in a number of important verticals, including call centers. Additionally, TranscribeMe rapidly expanded its crowdsourced workforce, tripling their dedicated community of certified transcriptionists from 50,000 to over 150,000 worldwide.

Technological Advancements & Development: TranscribeMe’s new, robust High Accuracy Speech Recognition Technology empowers companies to gain better insight into customer demographics and sentiment, providing a pathway to understanding the voice of any customer that leads to greater business intelligence. The company’s voice-to-text service has seen strong adoption by its enterprise clients globally, and continues to see growth year-over-year.

Among the many advancements made in 2015, TranscribeMe developed High Accuracy Speech Recognition Technology that features 80% to 95% accuracy on enterprise deployments, as well as improved and increased services surrounding foreign language translation with added support for Korean, Vietnamese, Italian and Mozambican Portuguese. The company also introduced a new multi-currency payment system in US Dollars, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars and Japanese Yen, allowing customers around the world access to services and payments in their own native currencies.

Investment & Achievements: TranscribeMe worked closely with, and acquired rounds of funding from many leading investment funds in 2015, including: Pasadena Angels, Keiretsu Capital, Angels Forum, Hawaii Angels and Kernel Capital. In addition to gaining funds from top investors, the company’s client base has seen improved growth, citing major global brands as top partnerships of the year.

In late 2015 TranscribeMe was honored with the #18 ranking on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific. Rankings for this award are based on a percentage growth of revenue over three years, with TranscribeMe’s growth at an astonishing 1,818% during this period. Overall, companies that were included in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2015 program had an average growth rate of 415% during the same period.

About TranscribeMe 

Founded in New Zealand and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, TranscribeMe offers premium, top-rated speech-to-text transcription, translation and voice analytics services for leading companies all over the world. TranscribeMe’s highest-accuracy speech recognition workflow transform audio and video content into easily shareable, searchable and profitable formats. In providing a unique, accurate and scalable service, TranscribeMe’s customers vary from leading global enterprises to students and SMBs across a variety of key verticals. Learn more at