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How Transcription Upgrades the Academic Note-Taking Experience

By April 29, 2019January 27th, 2023No Comments

College years typically represent the most information-rich and transformational time of our lives. Access to such vast amounts of valuable knowledge outweighs our capacity to store it in our minds and even in our notes – we can only keep up with so much! Transcription is a tool that many who were studying before the age of technology could only have dreamt of…

For academic institutions in today’s modern world, here is how you can leverage the power of transcription tools to offer the most efficient and enriching academic experience for your staff and students:

1. Multi-Speaker Meetings and Focus Groups

Whether it’s recording smaller departmental staff meetings, more formal board meetings, or even research focus groups, there are many ways you can benefit from our highly accurate, human-assisted transcripts for easy-to-use text that can be logged and circulated online.It can be highly complicated for a person to take notes during a meeting with multiple participants – especially if they are trying to process what is being said during overlaps of more than one speaker. This everyday dilemma is easily solved through human-assisted machine transcription.

2. Recordings of Lectures and Seminars

This has been shown to be of great value, whereby both students and professors are granted access to the transcripts in the format they require. Students can use this for studying and note-taking purposes, which can particularly come in handy during the more stressful exam periods.

As for professors, this feature is extremely practical when it comes to creating teaching materials and easily revising them year-after-year to keep them relevant and up-to-date for the following batches of students.

3. Dictation by Professors

A professor’s spoken words during a lecture are often more insightful than the class notes provided beforehand. Expert transcription provides an easy and affordable way to tap into all the worthwhile information that comes up during class time, including the great impromptu debates that can spark from sharp questions.

In fact, through the use of our very own transcription app for Android and iPhone, dictation can easily be recorded from the comfort of the professor or student’s own phone. A year’s prescription to this easy-to-use tool could be a great perk to add value to your student welcome pack and services.

4. Research Interviews

To obtain statistical significance for scientific studies, a large sample size is normally required. This directly creates the need to conduct hundreds, or even thousands in the case of bigger cohort studies, of interviews that tend to be carried out in collaboration with other partner institutions. Our NVivo integration makes it incredibly fast and simple to transcribe recordings, then quickly and securely analyze all of the text.

Maintaining records of this important primary data in a format that can be easily edited and shared digitally is a painful task that expert transcription services like ours take care of. In addition, should the research be international, TranscribeMe offers transcription translation services in Chinese, Spanish, French and many more widely-spoken languages.

5. Ideas for Theses and Dissertations

One-on-one consultations with regards to dissertation research is where a lot of interesting exchanges that provide plenty of food-for-thought take place. Being able to generate an accurate digital transcript of these guidance sessions make going back to the drawing board and idea reiteration easier than ever before.

From a professor’s perspective, this type of transcript would be of great help with the gathering of ideas for future research. It can be of aid in the suggestion of PhD thesis topics and other areas of advanced research to students seeking advice on the matter.

The Key to Academic Success

Our best-in-class academic transcription services provide one critical factor that is key to academic success, the mental bandwidth to focus on the information being shared in real time, safe in the knowledge that the supporting notes and commentary are taken care of. Professors, teaching assistants and students alike can all reap the benefits of automated transcription and rely on the skilled expertise to deliver highly accurate results in a timely manner.

We offer completely customized packages to fit any project specifications as per your own academic transcript needs. We can accommodate any frequency, should they be recurring daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly as well as any specialized formatting requirements.

We have a proven record of high volume transcriptions that are completed quickly, accurately and to scale. With a secure, automated workflow and team of experts, we develop a plan of action and ensure that everything is handled safely; while respecting any privacy obligations or compliance as needed.

Ready to upgrade your institution’s educational experience with our professional transcription services? Contact our sales team today so we can provide you with a custom quote as per your academic profile!