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How to Trim Audio & Video Files for Transcription

By August 14, 2018November 23rd, 2021No Comments

Currently, we only transcribe the full duration of files that are submitted to TranscribeMe. However, if you want to trim audio or video to only have a certain portion of your complete file transcribed, we recommend using tools like Audacity (for audio) and Quicktime (for video) to trim your recordings first.

Audacity is a free, trusted software for recording and editing audio. It features a useful cut, copy, and paste tool that makes editing sounds quick and easy. First, save your audio or video recording to your computer desktop.

Here’s how to use Audacity to trim your audio files: 

QuickTime is a free, easy-to-use media player and editing tool. If you’re on a Mac, QuickTime should already be available for you – just search your Applications. If you’re using a PC, you can download the free software here.

Here’s how to use Quicktime to trim your video file:

Once your files are trimmed up to your liking, just log in to the Customer Portal to submit your file for transcription in whatever format you choose – voila! Check out the Customer Portal Walkthrough to see how it’s done.

Still have more questions about the file-trimming process? Feel free to reach out to our trusty and helpful Support team