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Your Back-to-School Toolkit: Getting Ready for the New Semester

By August 21, 2019September 6th, 2021No Comments

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Just as the last of the Summer rolls out, in comes the start of the new academic year. Colleges all across the US are brimming with enthusiasm this time of year as they kick-off the first semester. 


If you’re on a mission to make the most of the school year ahead, it’s best to make sure you’re well prepared. To help in your preparations, we’ve put together a back-to-school toolkit we’re sure you’ll find very useful well past your collegiate days.


  1. Audio Recording To Complement Your Note-Taking

We all wish we could type faster. But the truth of the matter is that natural speech will always come out a lot quicker than we can record with our fingers and a keyboard. During class, it can be hard to divide your attention between what the lecturer is saying and making sure you’ve scribbled down or typed up all your notes properly. Sometimes, your own notes won’t even have been thorough (or legible!) enough to recall the points made.


Using an audio recorder is a simple, yet vital action to guarantee that you register everything that gets said. After class, you’ll be able to play back the recordings and supplement your notes before storing them adequately for later study. Furthermore, being able to replay a recording can make it that much easier to brainstorm in a study group, or discuss your thesis with a tutor.


  1. Affordable Transcription Services To Help Save You Valuable Time

Being able to convert your audio-to-text quickly and easily is a student’s dream. This saves you having to transcribe any recordings yourself, freeing up more of your precious time for more productive school activities. This can especially be the case around exam times when every spare minute is better spent studying and retaining key information.


TranscribeMe offers student-friendly transcription services with our First Draft feature boasting an accuracy rate of 98% and delivery within one business day at $0.79 per minute, which is the lowest pricing available anywhere. With this, you can forget having to transcribe during or after class and focus on the knowledge being shared in real time. Once you’ve received your digital transcript, you’ll be able to review the notes on your laptop, adding in any side notes of interest and index them for easy access whenever you need them.


  1. Top Apps and Websites to Download or Bookmark

In today’s world, you can easily get lost in the abundant offers of online study aids and student apps. To avoid getting overwhelmed, we’ve selected five basic tools we consider must-haves for success during these crucial years of continued learning. Here they are:


  • TranscribeMe app: Available for Android and iPhone, this app uses both speech recognition and human transcribers to convert any audio or video files to text. All you need to do is record directly into the app or import your audio and video files from other apps like Dropbox and Voice Memos. You can even share with your friends, via email or text through the app. 


  • Evernote: This free go-to note-capturing app is available for any device and is synchronizable across all of them. You’ll be able to take text or handwritten notes, make audio and video recordings, add attachments, or set reminders for yourself. To integrate with TranscribeMe’s online platform, all you have to do is tag them appropriately and upload them for transcription.


  • & During any write up phase, you’ll want either of these free websites open and ready in tabs for when you just can’t find the right word to use or need to confirm a definition.


  • My Study Life: While any generic calendar app can work to help plan your study and class schedules, My Study Life is a free app that has been perfectly designed for managing student life. It brings together rotation schedules, assignments, revision, exam planning all in one place across all synched devices.


  • Cite This For Me: With a simple scan using your phone’s camera of any academic book’s barcode, you can create a citation for the reference in exactly the format you need.


Set yourself up for smooth sailing this semester and download our TranscribeMe app today