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All About TranscribeMe’s Educational & Academic Transcription Services

By October 23, 2015July 12th, 2023No Comments

Traditional teaching and learning methods have changed increasingly as more new, intelligent technologies are developed. Technological advances have allowed teachers and students to connect, collaborate, and learn from anywhere in the world – with the introduction of computers and Internet enhancements, we are more connected now than ever before.

In the academic world, the absorption of information is key to performing well as a student. Likewise, teachers and professors must constantly provide new bits of knowledge to stay ahead. Transcription (voice to text) can help both students and education professionals learn, and teach, in a smarter way. With TranscribeMe’s transcription services for academic and educational needs, it’s easy to record, enrich, and convert audio to easily digestible, highly-accurate text.

Students can benefit from using TranscribeMe to record lectures, group meetings, field research and brainstorm sessions to help retain information in a tangible way. By simply allowing your mind to follow the conversation and participate in a meaningful way while simultaneously recording the discussion, you will be able to absorb information in a more valuable, long-lasting way. With the TranscribeMe app for iPhone, it’s easy to convert voice-to-text even when you’re on the go – students can quickly launch the app to record and convert to text, or upload anything previously recorded through Dropbox, Voice Memos and more.

Teachers and professors can use TranscribeMe’s services to produce low-cost transcripts of daily lesson plans and syllabi, previously recorded lectures and presentations, and more. With 98%+ accuracy guaranteed and discounts awarded to larger orders, you’ll be able to give your students a healthy boost by saving them the worry of capturing your lessons word-for-word so they can focus on participating in class. Additionally, having a complete course transcript can help you prep future materials and projects without having to dig through old notes.

Many professors and students around the world are taking advantage of our advanced technology to stay ahead. Dr. David Teece of UC Berkeley says that TranscribeMe is a “fantastic service – quick and highly accurate. Having access has dramatically helped me become more efficient in collecting and sharing my ideas and work in my academic, professional and business life.”

More benefits to using transcription for educational and academic purposes include:

– Robust encryption technology keeps private student data and important research findings securely locked away.

– Seamless integration with popular digital workspace and organization solution, Evernote, to order directly from the application. Here’s how to order transcripts from Evernote.

– Fully compatible with NVivo, so you can transcribe your field research and interviews into the proper format and analyze findings and data quickly.

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