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Accuracy: When it Really Matters

By March 4, 2012July 12th, 2023No Comments

Google “transcription software” and you will get 6,310,000 hits. It is a well recognized and already well-utilized product. But for it to truly succeed and become a household name – it needs to be accurate. Good software must not just recognize the individual words, but also the grammar. The English language is complex, there are too many words which sound the same – yet all have different meanings.

  • to, two, too
  • know, no
  • which, witch
  • the list could go on…

Good transcription software needs to be able to differentiate between these words. We’ve all seen the bloopers – courtesy of the rise of the supposed “smartphones” and their autocorrect function.

(Image via

What??? Why! Call me please?

Oops – and that wasn’t the WORST blooper…

Don’t get me wrong — I have a smartphone and I love it. But without something like TranscribeMe — which can truly “understand me” — I don’t quite trust it, not with the things that matter. But, Helga Sonier, a spokesperson for TranscribeMe a smartphone app, designed to transform recordings into text transcription says the software is trustworthy with a 98 – 100% accuracy rate.

This post was written by Corazon Miller.