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4 Technology Platforms You Need as a Legal Professional

By February 15, 2018November 23rd, 2021No Comments

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The importance of using legal technology in law firms is becoming increasingly more apparent in order to modernize practices and boost productivity. Like any other industry service – legal, too, has had to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape; now, 70% of firms have delivered and embarked on remote working which is the first big leap that the sector has taken to legal technology platforms.

Legal firms naturally struggle to keep up with technology trends, 87% of a study said they still use pen and paper for completing work, feeling as if what they need to work with is more personal. But given the option, these platforms for legal technology services can heavily lift a lot of administration or document-based roles that can slow down the process of any job.

Transcription Software

A transcription software is the most time-saving piece of legal technology any firm could ask for – a simple program that handles mp3 and converts it into text. The main consideration for the purpose of this software is the reduction of documentation that any firm could benefit from when using a legal transcription service.

It’s also a highly valuable way to reduce the role of the human transcriptionist which can free up more time in personal roles or of the role designed for this only. Just take a voice recorder when working with clients and have it all transcribed whilst you work on another task.

Mobile Applications

Free up some desk space and completely strip back on resources with mobile applications. Some applications may not have even been considered an option. Firstly, the transcription service is also available as a mobile app, which eliminates the task of desktop uploading. The note-taking app Evernote will organize your notes in real-time meaning no more space needed in your diary or post-it notes covering your screen. Other apps for legal purposes include email management systems, document storage and to compliment all of these – security technology. Consider yourself saving space and time when you download these suggestions for the on-the-go life.

Bonus! You can connect your Evernote account and TranscribeMe account to order secure transcripts directly through Evernote

Practice Management Software

When it’s time to concentrate on handling cases, multiple tasks and payment systems need to be a part of your legal technology business. Softwares are available that will keep track of your appointments with various calendars for your preference, readily available and already installed on your smartphone but plenty more to explore that suit your lifestyle.

There are also tasking systems that can help organize schedules and deadlines and all important payment systems, keeping invoices safe and enabling you to stay in-keep with any expired payments. Running overdue on tasks is easily done, this software is manageable for multiple purposes and easily prevents panic when deadlines are near.

Customer Service Management

Making your customers happy is something that can consume a lot of personal time, time that can be managed by technology for legal services specifically. There are tools that make relationship building and maintaining very easy, these technologies are already under your nose but you’re probably not thinking too far into them – the auto-reply on your email for example.

By setting up a profile on LinkedIn or other social media, you are allowing your customers to already source information based on your profile rather than having queries in your inbox. Social media sites also have an easy notification method of reminding you to respond, when your customers are online and some tweets you may have missed out on as a method of connecting with your audience.

A survey by Mitratech found U.S. corporate law departments spend almost $1.5bn on legal software annually and expecting a growth rate of 17% (270m) from 2015 to 2019. The implementation doesn’t take long compared to the time you could be saving on a day to day basis in your firm, and the ROI has been reported as a 53% increase of speed while using cloud technology – something that all firms should be considering. Allowing yourself to become familiar with these suggestions or to explore other options means administration tasks can become lighter and space appropriately.


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