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Outsourcing medical transcription work is far from a hot new topic in the healthcare field. When delivered quickly, accurately and within a designated timeframe, medical transcription can be equally painless and productive for many healthcare professionals – from licensed physicians to hospital executives.

Rather than taking the unnecessary time to get a foolproof, internal transcription system down, many medical practices and hospitals have looked toward the help of outsourced professional transcriptionists to address their voice to text needs that must be done correctly and in a timely, cost-effective manner. If your healthcare facility is considering making the switch to a newer, better solution, read through some of the biggest reasons to commit to an outsourced medical transcription service.

1. Minimize Labor & Management Costs

In-house medical transcription can be a laborious, budget-draining process that can leave healthcare management in a serious bind. Transcripts play such a critical role in medical documentation that it’s necessary to find a working solution that makes the most sense for each individual practice. However, hiring an experienced, full-time transcriptionist means paying for a high salary and any additional help that may be needed.

By taking advantage of an outsourced medical transcription service, you’ll effectively only pay for the transcripts being produced, and not for any of the extraneous costs that come with an in-house hire. Additionally, management will be more free to concentrate on more important priorities and leave the transcription specifics to their medical transcription partner.

2. Make Information More Accessible

There are a number of reasons to have your medical documentation transcribed, but perhaps the most important reason is the ability for the correct staff members to be able to digitally search for (and find) what they need, at any given time. Medical transcription takes recorded audio and video files and transforms the speech to searchable, easy-to-index digital text, so that information is always accessible to those that need it.

Along with greater searchability of the documentation at hand, accurate medical transcripts of patient reports, discharge summaries, medical histories, research interviews, etc allow more people to easily comprehend, view and understand – especially those who are deaf or hard of hearing.  We guarantee +98% accuracy within all of the transcription work our skilled transcriptionists produce, making it the best option for medical practices specializing in any area.

3. Obtain Accurate, Timely Reports

Choosing a medical transcription provider that employs trained medical transcriptionists is the most important step in saving time and money. We take advantage of a unique, proprietary multi-step review process of your transcribed content that ensures the absolute highest quality transcripts are delivered every time.

Blending speech technology with expert medical transcriptionists who understand your specific medical jargon, our service is able to provide the most accurate transcripts possible. Our specialists generate the most detailed transcripts in the industry, including speaker IDs and timestamps. By using these medical transcription services, professionals in the medical field can truly focus on what’s most critical about their roles — helping patients.

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This article was originally published on January 10, 2017.