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4 Ways to Save Time in the New Year with Transcription

The new year is a new opportunity for a clean start, and a chance to set goals for self-improvement. With the helping hand of advanced technology and connected devices, it’s easy to keep track of your resolutions as well as save yourself more time in 2018. The TranscribeMe mobile app makes it possible to convert your every thought, wish or…

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Words, Words, and More Words: A Brief History of Transcription

Transcription is one of the oldest, most ancient forms of documentation; a useful, and often necessary, tool put in practice for centuries. Beyond being an efficient way to keep track of important information, dictation and transcription have helped to promote further understanding in otherwise complicated or complex fields – everything from medical and legal transcription to business and government transcription….

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How to Reach New Markets in 2018 with These eCommerce Trends

The internet is speaking volumes when it constantly changes trends, saying we need to act fast when implementing them to our latest board of eCommerce strategies. 2018 is moments away and with big sales hitting online stores for January, it’s the time to start turning your eCommerce store into the ultimate destination for sales. With over half of Americans now…

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Record Better Audio: How to Capture in Crystal Clear Quality

Recording audio has evolved from the traditional tape recorder or camcorder in use even a decade ago. Today, capturing speech word-for-word can be done with digital recorders and even audio recording apps that can get the job done in a much more streamlined way. Saving high-quality audio is something that can apply to any industry in our technologically advanced world,…

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