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How to Reach New Markets in 2018 with These eCommerce Trends

By December 11, 2017April 19th, 2023No Comments

The internet is speaking volumes when it constantly changes trends, saying we need to act fast when implementing them to our latest board of eCommerce strategies. 2018 is moments away and with big sales hitting online stores for January, it’s the time to start turning your eCommerce store into the ultimate destination for sales.

With over half of Americans now saying they prefer to shop online, 2018 needs to be set in stone. Before planning, ensure thorough research into these trends has been completed, this way you can adapt your planning process with personalization for acquiring leads, conversion rates, and customer engagements.

Online Research

An eCommerce trend that is to be continued from previous years, as more users will implement this into their shopping experience. A brief research before making a purchase online or in-store is usually made – according to Salesforce, 85% of shoppers conduct research before making their decision. Content is therefore expected to be in a suit that leads customers to purchase, including pricing structure with a competitive consideration.

Micro Movements

The shift to mobile usage has also not become a ghost of 2017, a proved influence in consumer usage as smartphones become microcomputers – they say if you don’t have a mobile-optimized site, you are burning cash. A critical moment to be mobilized, as those who find the strength to reach out to their nearest device, go shopping online.


Brands have recently been able to capitalize on the introduction of highly-engaging video features across social media platforms. For this reason, in particular, video competition is rocketing, and it’s a competitive industry where differentiation is expected. From stardom of visualization, it comes as no surprise that Facebook counted 1.65 billion active users watching around 8 billion videos each day. Due to brand storytelling, there seems to be a deeper attachment to video, as statistics show a boost of click-through rates by 200-300% and an increase of purchase intent by 97%, and expecting a soar for the future.

Personalized Customer Content

Thanks to cookies, customers are reminded of the products they left behind as a pop-up reminder on every site they turn to next, it’s an experience consumers appreciate as a personalized gesture to please their satisfaction. Another example for those keen to keep exploring is Netflix, their recommendations have people hooked on series after series. Channels such as Earth Tea have created a unique way to personalize its customers’ experience of online shopping, inputting preferences in regards to questions allows simple recommendations tailored to their taste and personality. A fulfillment leadership that is likely to expand by 2018.

Chatbots for Customer Service

Every page you turn now seems to have a chat waiting for your service at the bottom, ready when you need it. In 2018, Chatbots will be your 24/7 customer service as they match the quick adopters of information. 71% of online platforms now say they want to try one, seeking a large chunk of the customer service operations for 2018. Businesses can use these for content personalization, suggest purchases and special offers.


Digital technology is rising due to global acceptance of eCommerce trends, so allow your readers to engage with your brand and interact with your product with these guidelines. Content is important, and when things start to get visual, remember to keep the text format within, for better SEO optimization. 

For when you’re on-the-move and creating fresh content, you can use transcription to save time, money, and overall energy on building up your eCommerce business. Get in touch to see how we can help!