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Break Out a Recorder! Here Are the 3 Best Reasons to Start Transcribing Meetings

Transcribing meetings used to mean that an intern or secretary would hastily write down every detail possible during an important gathering; real-time, as it happened. Effective meeting minutes should always summarize main ideas, and key point and takeaways, but you can’t always rely on a single persons’ notes to accurately capture everything. Utilizing the helpful services of a transcription provider can…

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TranscribeMe is holding a sweepstakes in celebration of the launch of their new survey program! (Entry Below)

Do you have a computer or smartphone? Do you love earning easy money and sharing your opinion? We’ve launched a brand new way to take surveys and make money anywhere, anytime. With TranscribeMe Surveys (powered by Cint), you can earn digital cash every time you share your personal or professional opinion with outside companies! Perfect for people who work from…

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Closed Captioning: Just Why Are Video Transcriptions So Important?

Businesses today should always set out with the goal to maximize traffic to their content, whilst broadening their reader base and keeping them happy. Traffic becomes more and more intense as the years pass and readers have a stricter, more rational idea of what they want to know. That’s why closed captioning your content with video transcription allows eliminates tougher…

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