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Quality Transcription and Translation Services for Audio & Video

For businesses operating internationally, or attempting to reach a new audience, quality transcription and translation services for media content and text files can often mean the difference between a successful venture and one that ultimately falls flat. According to a recent Wells Fargo International Business Report, 87% of U.S. companies agree that international expansion is needed for long-term growth, with…

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How to Easily Convert Voice to Text

There are hundreds of ways to take notes, write emails and type things out. But, if you have trouble with small fonts or struggle with one of many health conditions that can result from too much typing, these solutions will only work part of the time. By using a transcription service to do the heavy lifting for you, you’ll likely…

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Best-In-Class Legal Transcription for Legal and Corporate Requirements

Looking for legal transcription for your corporate office or law practice needs? We provide many specialized transcription services for legal professionals and businesses, including accurate transcripts of: HR and Claims Interviews Recordings of Hearings & Depositions Dictation by Legal and Other Professionals Administrative Transcription Legal Document Translation Audio & Video e-Discovery Learn More: http://transcribeme.com/legal-transcription

Stressed for Finals? Our 10 Best Tricks For Studying Smarter

Finals week and exams can be the most stressful point of the academic year. Trust us, even after college or grad school, you’ll never forget that. Collectively, we’ve learned a few things over our educational careers, and have kept up with some amazing research on how to improve memory, retention, and comprehension. They’re lessons that will not only save you…

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