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How to Easily Convert Voice to Text

By May 10, 2017September 4th, 2021No Comments

Voice to Text

There are hundreds of ways to take notes, write emails and type things out. But, if you have trouble with small fonts or struggle with one of many health conditions that can result from too much typing, these solutions will only work part of the time.

By using a transcription service to do the heavy lifting for you, you’ll likely experience a range of amazing benefits, like increased mobility and productivity, improved accuracy of your text overall, and better focus. High accuracy transcription is the perfect way to convert voice to text. By taking advantage of our powerful speech technology and human transcriptionists, you can save a ton of time and expended energy.

How to Convert Voice to Text

We make it easy to submit audio or video recordings for transcription! After creating a TranscribeMe account, you can quickly upload files to be transcribed, or dive into our pricing calculator first to get an idea of what you’re looking for. 

Depending on the file size, audio quality and turnaround time you’ve selected, you can have your transcription voice to text in your hands in a matter of hours or days. With our low cost transcription service, First Draft, you can receive an even faster delivery time with text accuracy of 90-95%! It’s great for those quick transcriptions you want, without needing complete perfection.

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Mobile Transcription App

The TranscribeMe mobile transcription app is there for you whenever, wherever you need it! After a quick, free download of the mobile app to your smartphone, you can easily record audio and submit it to be transcribed on-the-go.

The mobile transcription app is perfect for students to record lectures, researchers to collect interview information, and anyone else who can benefit from fast, easy voice to text. You can also upload from apps like Dropbox and Voice Memos, and receive a push notification when your transcription project is complete.

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Once your speech or recorded audio has been transcribed – through our online service or mobile transcription app – you can send it out via email, or copy and paste to any another application. You can also post directly to social networking sites, or save your text to use later on.

Any questions? Reach out to our Support team anytime.