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3 Ways Support Managers Are Better with Speech Recognition

Efficient call center managers and support teams are always looking for new ways to make communications simpler in practice, as well as more meaningful. With the volume of customer inquiries, especially for enterprise companies, it’s critical to evaluate new technologies to make support as effective as it can be — both for customers and the company itself. Integrating TranscribeMe’s Speech…

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Voice Technology: What is Enterprise Speech Recognition?

In the ever-changing, ever-growing landscape of voice technology, more and more powerful uses are being uncovered. Today’s enterprise companies can benefit from specialized, robust speech recognition technology to vastly improve business performance and agent effectiveness. TranscribeMe is the industry leader in Enterprise Speech Recognition and data-mining technology solutions that deliver actionable insights. With incredibly accurate speech-to-text, intelligent keyword spotting and collection of…

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In the Press – TranscribeMe Launches a High Accuracy Speech Recognition Service

We are thrilled to announce our new high accuracy automated speech recognition technology. TranscribeMe ASR uses an advanced, constantly evolving algorithm to actively learn from big speech data, allowing companies easier access to robust analytics and unlock details of customer demographics and sentiment, along with support performance. View our official press release below, via PRWeb. TranscribeMe Launches a High Accuracy…

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