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TranscribeMe Pitch at DEMO Asia 2012

By March 13, 2012September 4th, 2021No Comments

Alexei of TranscribeMe pitches at DEMO Asia, and it is impressive.

I’m Alexei from TranscribeMe and I’m really excited to be the first company presenting at the inaugural DEMO Conference here in Singapore. Let me begin by asking you a question. How many of you have been to similar events where you wanted to remember every word or wish that you could share it with your friends but couldn’t? Well here at DEMO.Asia TranscribeMe have got you covered. Over the next two days we will record and transcribe every minute of every pitch for you that you will hear on the stage and will make it available as pitch perfect text. This is our magic.

At TranscribeMe we enrich complex audio content by converting it to text so it could be searched, shared and monetized. Our smart phone app can be used to record interviews, podcasts, business meetings – even entire conferences – and the results, the accurate transcripts are sent back to our customers as Word documents. It’s that simple.

The conversion is done by global crowd source transcribers. These are real people working on very short micro tasks that require minimal training. What we have invented, and you’re going to love this, is not only the most accurate but also the fastest way to convert voice to text.

Our business model rewards transcribers for high quality of output and our amazing team in New Zealand, Singapore and San Francisco right now are raising an angel round and getting this technology to market. We welcome your interest.

Please follow us on Twitter @TranscribeMe and register at, where you will find the transcripts of all of the upcoming pitches over the next two days. Thank you!