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TranscribeMe Oversubscribes Angel Round With $900k Funding

Quick update from TranscribeMe. We started the company in late 2011 with a mission to create a service that converts voice to text, accurately, quickly and confidentially, and a year later I’m glad to say that we now have delivered on this goal and are moving forward at an ever-accelerating pace.

Why Big Brands should ask Market Research Companies to work with Specialists – Part II

In our previous post, we argued that Big Brands should have a preference for working with specialists, and that market research firms should keep this in mind while choosing their preferred suppliers. In the past five years, the transcription industry has been transformed. With the rise of speech processing technologies, micro-tasking, and cloud computing – smart and scalability companies are able to serve the requirements laid down by Big Brands: accuracy, confidentiality, and speed.

Let’s revisit the four key challenges we identified in the previous post and understand the impact the new technologies have on them.

Why Big Brands should ask Market Research companies to work with specialists – Part I

In today’s globalized world, big brands maintain their market share through producing superior products. They accomplish this through rigorous market research and product testing. While some corporations prefer a one-stop-shop for market researchers, increasingly they are asking their research partners to work with specialists, for the following four reasons.

Using Gamification to Drive Better Market Research Insights – A How-To Guide

Humans love games. Games play an important role throughout our lives – during childhood toys fascinate us, while our teen years are characterized by competing and strategizing with friends on video games, sports, and the most painful game of all – popularity. As we grow older, we are transfixed by quizzes and crosswords on our way to work; note the rise of Sudoku, and the ongoing popularity of the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. While the type of game changes, the fundamentals remain the same. Competition, rules, rewards, feedback mechanisms, socialization, and personalization – most games have one or more of these characteristics that make them enjoyable, and addictive.

Here is a simple, functional way to improve market research surveys through Gamification.