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Mark Zuckerberg’s first on-stage interview since the Facebook IPO [TRANSCRIPT]

Read the full transcript of Mark Zuckerberg’s first interview after the Facebook IPO.

How Crowd-Sourcing Transcription helps Market Research Analysis

Market Research professionals have been forced to compromise on transcription. Now crowd sourcing changes this. Market research play a major role in forming the products and services we use daily. From the taste of your morning coffee to the design of the car you drive, different forms of analysis are done to ensure the product will be purchased by the highest number of consumers possible….

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6 ways researchers can boost productivity using transcription

Mobile and Social media are transforming the Market Research industry – more self-published data is available than ever before, much of it in audio visual format. Over 70 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube ever minute. Only 1% of video is searchable for marketing purposes.

Transcription is a key analytical tool for researchers. It enhances productivity, fast tracks analysis and saves time.