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How to use the TranscribeMe iPhone App

The TranscribeMe iPhone App is designed to make it easier for you to search, share, and analyze your valuable audio content. Here is a short overview of its features. Enjoy!

DEAD HEAT TIE: Auckland v/s Sydney (This Week in Startups)

As one of the hottest startups from the Asia Pacific region, TranscribeMe represented Auckland in one of the most popular startup shows on the web — This Week in Startups hosted by Jason Calacanis. Leading startups from Sydney locked horns with top 3 startups from New Zealand. Result — A pure tie. That’s right! Watch the show below or read the transcript.

Closed Captioning: An Opportunity for Content Producers?

Having the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) Organization and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) knocking on your door with requests that you accommodate the disabled can be an unpleasant and expensive experience.

MicroTasking Audio Transcriptions

I’m Alexei, the co-founder and CEO of TranscribeMe, and I wanted to spend this week’s post on discussing something pretty key to what we are doing – the concept of microtasking. I’ve been talking about microtasking with our customers and investors over the last few months, and wanted to share with you the learnings that I had.