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Helga Sonier

Helga Sonier: TranscribeMe Team Member Profile

Helga Sonier

I read once that the name Helga is derived from the word Holy and my middle name, Hildegard, from the phrase Maiden of War. I was fairly young at the time but I think the reading must have influenced me intrinsically because I never seem to take things on in small measure, but always as if on the battlefield fighting for my life. I was born in a small town in Canada called Summerside, on Prince Edward Island, in 1966. I don’t think being born a fire horse (Chinese astrology) helped to temper my warring spirit – at least not in my teens or early adulthood. I was a bit of a wild child its true, but that is another story for another time.

Is there REAL value in transcribing your podcasts?

So here is how the theory (and the pitch!) goes — you should transcribe your podcast and publish it on your blog to make it searchable, easily shareable and marketable. This will result in better search rankings, increased time on pages, decreased bounce rates, increased traffic and ultimately, an increase in subscribers and ad revenue. Sounds easily believable, right? Makes logical sense? Of course it does! As any internet marketer would agree, transcribing your podcasts would be a gold mine for SEO. The majority of transcription companies, including us, are on a mission to educate podcasters on why they should be transcribing their podcasts. But is it really that beneficial? Does it make sense from a business point of view? We share our secret findings with the world!

Crowd-sourcing is here to stay (and grow) says inventor of reCaptcha

Here’s a cool quote from Luis von Ahn, inventor of reCaptcha (those squiggly characters you see in sign up and registration forms all over the web!) and DuoLingo about how big problems are solved:

“I think we’ll continue seeing a mix: certain tasks are best done by small teams of experts, others are best done by crowdsourcing, and others by computers. That said, I assume the fraction of crowdsourced and computer tasks will increase over the next 5 years.”

We couldn’t agree more.

The Story Behind NZ’s Only Crowd-Funding Platform — PledgeMe

Crowdfunding is the new buzzword in the investment world. With the recent signing of the JOBS Act in United States of America, a new era has started and opened up a new source of funding for small companies and startups. The belief — and hope — is that this type of funding will open up more opportunities for capital to flow into startups. That, in turn, will help grow new companies and create new jobs.

Pledgeme — New Zealand’s crowd-funding platform — launched in Feb 2012. I caught up with Anna Guenther — COO, PledgeMe — to discuss:

The PledgeMe story.
Why does NZ need a exclusive crowd-funding platform?
Is Crowd-funding here to stay?
Exclusive tips on how to get your project crowd-funded?
Anna talks about her 3 favorite and most weird rewards from PledgeMe projects — including an offer to start a religion of your name and get worshipped.