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Transcription Matters

Company ethos is as important as dollars. That isn’t just a public facing ideology either. It is an inherent belief of the founding team and it is an integral part of why TranscribeMe chose a crowd-sourced hybrid model for transcription. TranscribeMe is a for-profit company intent on reaching out on a global scale to communities wherein employment statistics are the worst. TranscribeMe are seeking to present job opportunities particularly to areas where youth unemployment is staggering. The aim is to achieve this through the unique hybrid crowd sourcing systems TranscribeMe have built for transcriptions services today, and a plethora of other services in future.

Taxing the Transcription Crowd

Tax implications for the transcription crowd, and other freelancers, varies from country to country. Certainly, for some, the lure of perceived tax-free earnings is an appealing consideration – but is there really such a thing? Transcription crowd services are just one of an increasing plethora of crowd-sourced occupations that governments must somehow govern – and tax. The issue of how to tax the freelance and transcription crowds is tricky and part and parcel of a taxing challenge with regard to the internet in general.

Eating our own Dog Food (Or drinking our own champagne!)

Eating our own dog food – or how we used our own transcription service to help us build our team and business. Here at TranscribeMe we are a widely distributed team geographically. Our CEO is currently working from San Francisco building our sales team, our technology and communications teams are based in Auckland and operations is run out of Wellington.

Transcribing my Life for Theirs

There is an ongoing debate in my house about whether I should feel compelled to sacrifice my life for my children. The conversation usually begins with a question along the lines of, “Mom, if the house was consumed in excruciating scorching burning flames and you could only save us, your darling children, or you, from the fires of hell, which would you choose?”