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Crowdsourced Community: The Benefits of Human Transcription

We built our transcription process end-to-end to take advantage of the best of both worlds; a unique hybrid-model that combines speech recognition technology and human transcribers to produce transcripts at outstanding quality and accuracy.  Automated speech recognition technology has advanced wildly in the past few years, but, while our efficiency and accuracy with this ASR technology has improved dramatically in this…

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Meet the TranscribeMe Community: Yuen

We’re kicking off a brand new series to shine a light on some of the best, most active transcriptionists in the TranscribeMe community! These are some of the amazing, hard-working, detail-oriented people from all around the world that make our transcription process the best in the business. Meet Yuen from Perth, Australia…   When did you get into transcription? I…

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Eating our own Dog Food (Or drinking our own champagne!)

Eating our own dog food – or how we used our own transcription service to help us build our team and business. Here at TranscribeMe we are a widely distributed team geographically. Our CEO is currently working from San Francisco building our sales team, our technology and communications teams are based in Auckland and operations is run out of Wellington.

Transcription from Anywhere

I am not a transcriber but like many transcribers, I am a freelancer. As such, I am part of a global movement toward working on my own terms. The lure of transcription work and freelance work in general, is the ability to juggle time and priorities in a way that works for the individual – for me and for my family. This is a charm almost all the time, until school holidays roll around.

As a freelancer, the school holidays pose a special problem for me. How do I give the kids the care and attention they need even while I am doing my job?

What Transcription Means for the Business Professional

How does the TranscribeMe transcription serve to help the business professional save time and make money? It’s the question we all want to know about any service we employ, and transcription services are no different.

What TranscribeMe transcription means for you in your business is this; you can record dictation in your car, on the bus or in a queue, and that dictation is flawlessly turned to words. Word-for-word transcription delivered to your email box by the time you get home, or back to the office. Wasted down time is converted to productive time in which you complete tasks, write books, file reports, organize meetings or compose sales records.

Opening up the world of hearing

She ran in the headlines for several weeks.

Firstly it was the good news.

New Zealand has its first profoundly deaf MP in Parliament. Welcome Mojo Mathers.
But wait there was a catch. The headlines had a field day. New Zealand’s first profoundly deaf MP has been told parliament will not pay for the technology she needs to fully participate in parliamentary debate.

TranscribeMe Pitch at DEMO Asia 2012

I’m Alexei from TranscribeMe and I’m really excited to be the first company presenting at the inaugural DEMO Conference here in Singapore. Let me begin by asking you a question. How many of you have been to similar events where you wanted to remember every word or wish that you could share it with your friends but couldn’t? Well here at DEMO.Asia TranscribeMe have got you covered. Over the next two days we will record and transcribe every minute of every pitch for you that you will hear on the stage and will make it available as pitch perfect text. This is our magic.

Shorthand: A Threatened Species

I knew there was a reason my shorthand lessons looked so much like ancient egyptian hieroglyphics.

This “art” of shorthand has, in fact, a long history which traces back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians (The Shorthand Place [TSP], 2009).

Several prominent historical figures, including roman leader Julius Caesar and the Athenian Greek philosopher, Socrates were said to have used shorthand (TSP, 2009).

The Egyptian form of shorthand, hieratic script, is traced as far back as 3200 BC and much like today, it was used for a variety of reasons, from legal purposes to historical accounts (The Scribe, 2007).

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Why You Should Transcribe Spoken Word Poetry

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Transcription has been discussed in the context of industry and government here and elsewhere for as long as there has been a spoken word and a transcriber to record that word. Today transcription is still primarily discussed in terms of business or governance but to exclude the personal, creative and artistic benefits of transcription from the limelight is to deprive the world of some of its most profound and engaging text.

Startup Weekend interviews Alexei Dunayev, CEO, TranscribeMe

Startup Weekend: How do you know when someone is the right fit for your team?

Alexei Dunayev: I absolutely believe that having the right team is the key to success in an early stage startup. There is a lot to be said for having positive energy in a company, and the makeup of the team needs to consider that. We know someone is the right fit for the team when they have a passion for the business, ideas on how to develop it, and believe that it has a great chance to succeed. At Startup Weekend, we were able to attract a top-tier team to gauge the customer demand and at the same time put together a profitable business model of how to solve it.