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Interview Transcripts: The Best Way to Transcribe Full Interviews

An interview can be a reliable source for fresh or hard-to-find information. However, referencing that information while it’s still a recorded audio file can be difficult to work with; no interviewer or researcher has the time to listen to full interview recordings. To get the absolute most from your captured information, interview transcription is the perfect solution. Transcribing your interviews…

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Field Work & Focus Groups: Transcription for All Your Research

Any industry or specialty dealing with field work and first-hand research can tell you the sheer volume of recorded audio is on hand at any given time, just waiting to be sifted through and analyzed. Dealing with hundreds of hours of audio files can be overwhelming – even impossible – for a solo researcher or team. Many professionals specializing in…

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Best-In-Class Academic Transcription for Educational & Research Needs

Looking for academic transcription for your higher education and research needs? We provide many specialized transcription services for academic professionals and students, including accurate transcripts of: >> Multi-Speaker Meetings & Focus Groups >> Recordings of Lectures & Seminars >> Dictation by Professors >> Research Interviews >> Ideas for Theses & Dissertations Learn More: http://transcribeme.com/academic-research-transcription

Work Smarter with Transcription Services for Research

One thing that all researchers agree on and understand is that inputting bad data leads to bad results. Accurate transcribing services for research can have a huge impact on the time, energy and other resources spent on projects, enabling researchers to conclude with high quality results. Dedicated transcription services for research are the ideal way to transform recorded audio content into highly…

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How to Order Transcriptions Through NVivo

Are you using NVivo 11 for Windows to analyze research videos? Students and researchers armed with NVivo can easily send media files for professional transcription directly through their NVivo projects! With NVivo’s dynamic tools that allow you to quickly reference specific segments of your media files from text transcripts and our expert transcription service, analytics professionals and research students can transcribe…

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How to Transcribe Multiple Audio Files at One Time

  Typing on the computer — or other connected devices — still dominates the changing world of communication; it’s easily learned and accessible almost anywhere, but not always the most efficient way to get things done. TranscribeMe makes managing larger transcription projects quick and simple for enterprise companies, business professionals, researchers, students and other individuals who may need quite a…

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