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Stressed for Finals? Our 10 Best Tricks For Studying Smarter

Finals week and exams can be the most stressful point of the academic year. Trust us, even after college or grad school, you’ll never forget that. Collectively, we’ve learned a few things over our educational careers, and have kept up with some amazing research on how to improve memory, retention, and comprehension. They’re lessons that will not only save you…

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5 Big Transcription Benefits You’re Not Taking Advantage Of

General transcription is a useful time and money-saving tool for businesses, researchers, students, legal offices, and many other types of organizations. With advancements in speech technology and the expertise of transcription specialists, anyone can streamline administrative tasks, stay on track with goals and projects, and save valuable time. By taking advantage of our general transcription services for recorded audio and video…

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Make Your Resolutions Stick: Productivity Tips for the New Year

The beginning of every new year marks a new opportunity for a totally fresh start, for both your professional and personal life! That desire to self-improve and strive for better is part of what makes us human. However, many people can struggle with sticking to their New Years resolutions after even just the first weeks of the year — and…

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Benefits of Hands-Free Communication

I was sitting at home once, doing nothing – a rare event – I switched on the telly and there was an episode of Ellen DeGeneres. She had a mock-up of a hands free device, showing how its not just hands-free driving that a person can gain. She showed juggling babies, pots and pets. It was rather hilarious – if not quite true. It is true however, that technological inventions are doing much to make life easier. Transcription software is one such innovation that is on the rise. Not quite perfect – yet – it is already a handy tool for many a busy person to use.

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Time to Change Time (With Transcription!)

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With Transcription!

We have over time, tried. We have attempted to change time, or reorganize it at least, to accommodate our changing lifestyles. The four-day work week has been a dream of forward thinking nations for decades now. In another effort to adjust time (so we aren’t all doing the same thing at the same time, namely sitting in traffic) we have bravely attempted to stagger working hours so that we are heading to our work places at 7, 8, 9 and 10am and returning to our homes in 8 hours later respective of the time we started.