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3 Huge Reasons to Outsource Medical Transcription

Outsourcing medical transcription work is far from a hot new topic in the healthcare field. When delivered quickly, accurately and within a designated timeframe, medical transcription can be equally painless and productive for many healthcare professionals – from licensed physicians to hospital executives. Rather than taking the unnecessary time to get a foolproof, internal transcription system down, many medical practices…

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Meet the TranscribeMe Community: Brandy

We’re shining a light on some of the best, most active transcriptionists in the TranscribeMe community! Meet the amazing, hard-working, detail-oriented people from all around the world that make our transcription process the best in the business. Meet Brandy from California, United States…     When did you get into transcription? I started transcribing about a year ago and it…

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How to Quickly Digitize With Medical Transcription Companies

Medical transcription companies are making a world of difference for healthcare professionals everywhere. The medical industry as a whole is going through a digital transformation, revisiting and revamping tried-and-true frameworks to become more secure, efficient and accessible. With today’s patients and healthcare workers far more comfortable with technological solutions than in the past, it’s become an expectation to have a…

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