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The Basics of Transcription Service

From time to time it pays to step back and look at the fundamentals of what you do and why. For transcription service providers, the answers for what and why may be complex and that is especially true if the transcription services cross professional fields, and it’s compounded again if transcribers are crowd sourced. Nonetheless, the self-review process is an important one for those who provide transcription services.

Obviously, transcription services cater for those who require conversion of voice data to text data – that is transcription service at its most elementary level. The reasons to engage a transcription service are many and most commonly are for archival purposes, sharing, storage and publication. As such, the numbers of professionals who use transcription services are many and varied but not limited to those looking for the above solutions alone. For individuals who must regularly address an audience the imperative of a transcription service is even greater and indeed, quite different.

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Time to Change Time (With Transcription!)

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With Transcription!

We have over time, tried. We have attempted to change time, or reorganize it at least, to accommodate our changing lifestyles. The four-day work week has been a dream of forward thinking nations for decades now. In another effort to adjust time (so we aren’t all doing the same thing at the same time, namely sitting in traffic) we have bravely attempted to stagger working hours so that we are heading to our work places at 7, 8, 9 and 10am and returning to our homes in 8 hours later respective of the time we started.

Accuracy: When it Really Matters

Google “transcription software” and you will get 6,310,000 hits. It is a well recognised and already well-utilised product. But for it to truly succeed and become a household name – it needs to be accurate. Good software must not just recognise the individual words, but also the grammar. The English language is complex, there are too many words which sound the same – yet all have different meanings.

– to, two, too

– know, no

– which, witch

The list could go on.

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The Essence of Communication

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On a personal level, the reasons for communication are self-evident. We wish to relay a message or make a request. Dialogue is arguably the most meaningful exchange in personal communication. Dialogue is distinguished from conversation, debate or discussion by the fact that with ‘true dialogue’ there are two critical factors that do not exist in other forms of communication. These are the need to listen; listen in true dialogue is defined as hearing the other person’s position without waiting to interject, and without bias. The other is the intrinsic instinct for dialogue that is inherent in all of us and is an underlying basis of understanding that goes beyond conscious dialogue to something much deeper, which is a communal dialogue.

How Transcribing Has Changed Over the Years

Back in the day, a transcriber would sit at a desk equipped with cabling running from an enormous PC to headphones the size of a military gas mask. Feet would sit perched on a big, flat, foot pedal with more cabling connected to a dictation device containing an audio tape. The transcriber would wind forward and back by pressing a foot pedal listening to the audio while typing onto a keyboard with keys the size of typewriter buttons. Those good old days were only 10 years ago!

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The Best Way to Solve Writers Block: Part 1

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You often hear writers and authors talk about experiencing writers block, but you hardly ever hear of a person who gets talker’s block. No one wakes up in the morning, discovers he has nothing to say and sits quietly, for days or even weeks, waiting for the inspiration to arrive.

Why then, is writer’s block so ‘talked’ about? One reason we almost never experience talker’s block is that we’re in the habit of talking without a lot of concern for whether or not our freely spoken words will come back to us. Talk is cheap. Talk is temporary. We often start by talking poorly and eventually, perhaps only sometimes, we talk smart.

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The Advantages of Crowd Sourced Transcription Services

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Crowd sourced transcription services are available at affordable rates and provide superior quality to automated transcription. Transcribe your audio files using our professional crowd sourced transcriptionists located around the globe, and take advantage of human understanding of accent and nuance. We provide accurate and quality crowd sourced transcription solutions for your business needs 24 hours a day using real people.

The Power of Spoken Word

Hello world! This is Alexei, writing my first blog post as a TranscribeMe founder, and I wanted to take a step back and deliberate a little on why we are doing transcription, and why it is so important that voice can be converted to text.

What is the power of voice? When we talk to one another, we use many ways to communicate meaning. We look for cues in facial expressions, body language, and most importantly, in our voice. As well as information, we convey emotions and feelings through spoken language, and this additional layer gives a new dimension to our meaning. We use voice to perceive reality and express ourselves to communicate efficiently, accurately and expressively. The best moments of using our voice come when we feel understood.