Key Dos and Don’ts for Finding an Enterprise Transcription Service

enterprise transcription service

These days, it takes less and less effort for companies to understand the benefits of using transcription in the workplace. The rewards in terms of time, cost and overall efficiency have been more than evident in recent years. Now with the rise in number of transcription service providers, attention is shifting to the search for the right company for your enterprise needs.

For those in search of a good transcription service provider, we’ve put together the key dos and dont’s to help you navigate the waters with confidence:


1. Time is always of the essence for any company. This is especially the case with larger companies where a job needs to be signed off by a series of senior staff before it can be delivered to the client. Understanding this need, a good place to start is by requesting a demo from a few service providers to put their transcript turnaround time to the test.

Not only do you get to see the results for yourself, you also get a glimpse of their customer service through the interaction. Both of these factors have the potential to sway your final decision in either direction.

2. If it is your first time seeking an enterprise transcription service, a wise thing to do prior to reaching out to any providers would be to estimate what your work volume would be. This calculation can easily be updated if your company has previously outsourced its transcription needs. It’s important to deduce whether a prospective provider is capable of managing your workload.

At TranscribeMe, we have extra tools to help larger enterprises automate their transcription work cycle. These include our easy-to-use web platform and directly implemented transcription API that works wonders with bigger or remote teams.

3. Before you sign up with any service provider, making sure they have the right expertise for your industry and the experience to match is paramount. A simple search on their website followed with the right questions in your initial inquiry will help you filter out the rookies from the transcription veterans.


1. Keeping your data safe and secure is crucial when externalizing your valuable information. There are several security measures that any online-based business can apply to their operations, including encryption, geo-fencing, and NDAs. Don’t waste your time with any transcription service provider that doesn’t work with basic security features or refuses your requests for extra protocol.

We’re as transparent as can be with how we handle your data and upholding the compliance certifications for our work because we value peace of mind for our clients.

2. It’s not uncommon for workloads to go through cycles of highs and lows. This is where the preference for a provider that offers flexibility in cost and delivery times is a winner. We pride ourselves on the ability to accommodate all kinds of work volume needs with our custom quoting. Taking into account what your enterprise needs are based upon helps us to understand which pricing system would work best for you.

3. Given the growing availability of accurate speech technology today, don’t even consider any service provider that doesn’t work with this advanced automation. The improvement in delivery time through Machine Learning is exponential and the consequential cost efficiency alone makes it an indisputable step into the future. That said, a good transcription company will complement any machine transcription with human oversight to ensure accuracy where technology still has room to grow.

Our proven track record of customer satisfaction comes second to the passion with which we provide our transcription services of the highest quality. Our global network of transcribers makes us an ideal partner for any enterprise that works in different languages. The commitment we have to using speech recognition technology to the best of its growing abilities also puts us in the position to help keep your business ahead of the curve.

Contact our sales teams today to request a demo and see exactly what we mean by best-in-class transcription services.

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