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The Best Way to Solve Writers Block: Part 2

By February 1, 2012September 4th, 2021No Comments

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Use transcription to create momentum.

The value of momentum, here’s an example that highlights how businesses develop and maintain momentum. Lack of momentum in writing can be the greatest obstacle when attempting to overcome writers block. Check out these stories and see if you can relate.

A local café ran a loyalty program. For every coffee you paid for, you got one stamp on your card. If you bought eight coffees, you got one free.

The cafe next door also ran loyalty program. Their customers had ten blocks to fill, but there was a difference. The coffee card had two stamps already filled in.

You see what’s happening, right!

Both sets of customers have to buy eight coffees to get the freebie. So which café did better?

Yup, the second one. In fact, 34% of the customers in the second cafe got to their free coffee versus just 19% of the customers in the first cafe. So why did this happen?

It’s called momentum.

It is a feeling you are familiar with. If you have to start a piece of writing, you often sit with fingers on the keyboard, and find every reason to avoid starting the work. This is because starting from the beginning is hard. However, there is a magical point. Once you write about 20% of the essay/journal/chapter, you feel as if the wind has just filled your sails and now the work has a momentum of its own.

Momentum is an ally. It disregards the temptation to get distracted. It helps you avoid those fervent pleas to just do something else that is easier, something that is not writing related. This is why you need to create momentum for your writing.

We know that the most straightforward way to do this is simply to talk. Talk into a smartphone anywhere, anytime and then use transcription to create that momentum quickly.