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TranscribeMe Windows Phone App Walkthrough

By February 18, 2014September 4th, 2021No Comments

We are now extending our mobile platform support to Windows Phone users! TranscribeMe! is proud to announce the launch of our new Windows Phone 8 app, to compliment our existing beautiful and reliable iPhone and Android Apps, along with a new and easy-to-use Customer Portal v2.0. The TranscribeMe Windows Phone App is available in the global Windows phone store.

This blog post will walk you through the process of registering for your TranscribeMe service, through to ordering the transcript. If you have any questions about the Windows Phone App, or about TranscribeMe in general, please email and we will be glad to assist.

Step 1: Download the TranscribeMe Windows Phone App from the Windows Phone Store. Once you have it on your phone, tap the TranscribeMe icon to open the app. The screen below should appear. Click “sign in”.


Step 2: After clicking “sign in” you will be led to a registration screen. If you have already registered for our service using our web portal, iPhone or Android app swipe from “register” to “sign in” to bypass this step. If you haven’t yet registered with TranscribeMe, enter your information and click the check mark icon when completed.


Step 3: After registering, you are ready to sign-in. Enter in your registered email and password and click the check mark at the base of the screen to continue.


Step 4: Now you are ready to start recording audio for transcription! Click the orange button to begin the recording, the pause icon to pause, and click “done” to complete your recording.


Step 5: Enter your desired recording name, select whether the recording has a single speaker or multiple speakers, and click “Save” to continue.


Step 6: You should now see your file listed on the home screen. Click the “Upload” icon to the right of the filename to make the audio available for transcription.


Step 7: After the upload is complete, click “Transcribe” to submit your recording for transcription.


Step 8: After hitting “transcribe”, you will be guided to the billing page. Please begin by entering your billing address. Scroll down on the screen once completed to enter your card details.


Step 9: Enter your credit card details and continue to scroll down.


Step 10: Select whether you would like your billing details saved for future uploads and whether you would like to enable automatic billing. By saving your billing details, next time you click “transcribe” on a new recording, you will be automatically guided to the order confirmation page (see step 11). With automatic billing, when you click “transcribe” you’re files will submit for transcription, your card will be automatically billed, and your order takes place faster!

Lastly, click “continue” to confirm billing details.


Step 11: From here, you will be led to a page asking you to confirm your order details. Click “pay and confirm order” and your recording will be submitted for transcription!


Step 12: Finally, you will be redirected to a summary of your order. You’re all done, and you should expect a highly accurate and clean transcript delivered to you via email in two business days or less! This transcript will also be available for download on our web portal in Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), and HTML formats. Additional formats such as Closed Caption (SRT) are available for order also.


We have now covered the major steps from downloading the app, to recording audio through to ordering the transcript. If you have any questions about the Windows Phone App, or about TranscribeMe in general, please email and we will be glad to assist. Thank you for reviewing this tutorial!